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Languages Connect: ‘My Japan’ and ‘Wadaiko Experience’ Workshops

Nov. 23 - Jan. 24

For #ThinkLanguages Week 2023, the UCD Centre for Japanese Studies provided free Transition Year sessions with support from (opens in a new window)Language Connect on ‘My Japan’ and a ‘Wadaiko Experience’.

‘My Japan’ and a ‘Wadaiko Experience’ were highly interactive, enhancing global awareness and cultural understanding.

The group led by Nobuko Ijichi (UCD Centre for Japanese Studies) visited Stepaside ETSS on 21 November the week before #TL.

Up to 12 December 2023, the team visited 10 schools in total seeing 598 students and we will have had 1,082 student sessions.  We are in discussions with a small number of other schools about January sessions.  


  • My Japan: Led by UCD undergraduate and postgraduate students well-versed in Japanese languages and culture, this Workshop offers students a captivating cultural journey. Explore Japanese traditions, language, cuisine, Manga, Anime, and Pop Fashion. Engage in interactive sessions and personal stories, fostering a deeper appreciation of Japan's creativity and global influence, enhancing global awareness and cultural understanding.
  • Wadaiko Experience: Immerse in rhythmic mastery at the Taiko Drum Workshop. Designed for TY students, it explores Japanese drumming, from basic beats to intricate rhythms. Taiko blends music, culture, and athleticism for all. Unearth the ancient history and potency of this art, from military origins to its sacred role in Japanese religions. Embrace the vibrant modern resurgence in Japan and worldwide. Join us and feel the beat!

Big big thanks to the UCD students (Laoise Murphy (Biomedicine, Health & Life Science), Emiri Ogawa Boostrom (Medicine), Jennifer O’Keeffe (Gender, Politics and International Relations))!