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Mr Honjo’s UCD visit (Honjo International Scholarship Foundation)

December 2023

Mr Daihachi Honjo (researcher at the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation / Keio University) visited UCD Belfield Campus (6 December).

The purpose of the visit was to interview Assoc. Prof. Kodate (Director of Research, UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice & Director, UCD Centre for Japanese Studies) about his research and life in an Irish university. Dr Kodate was a former scholarship awardee (2005-2007). From UCD, Dr Kaori Hirashige (UCD School of English, Drama & Film) had their Scholarship to support her doctoral research (2016-2018). Mr Honjo has been visiting several former awardees worldwide (Europe and Africa) between November 2023 and January 2024.

Left to Right: Dr Naonori Kodate & Mr Daihachi Honjo

Previously, Dr Kodate contributed twice to the Foundation’s Workshop Series (10th  HISF Workshop ‘Rikejo (Women in STEM) in Japan: Past and Future’ (6 December 2015); 18th HISF Workshop ‘Let’s think about human-robot interactions in society’ (8 January 2022))

He also served as a member of the organising committee for the Foundation’s 20th Anniversary International Symposium, and a moderator of the symposium "Working Together towards a Just Society: Skills, Knowledge and Experience" (19-20 August 2017)