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School of Physics & Utsunomiya University Research Collaboration

UCD School of Physics & Utsunomiya University Joint Seminar ‘Extreme Ultraviolet Source Development for Lithography, Surface Morphology & Water Window Imaging’ (3&4-11-2017)

Together with the School of Physics, the UCD Japan welcomed the return of Prof. Higashiguchi’s research team from Utsunomiya University on 3rd & 4th November. The main event, 4th Research Seminar was jointly held by the two universities’ physics departments (led by Profs. O’Sullivan and Higashiguchi).

The delegation this time had the largest number, and they came from all over Japan, including Osaka University, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST), Kyoto, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and even Utsunomiya Junior College Attached High School! Social events and T-shirts were kindly sponsored by OptoSigma Europe, Toei Kagaku Sangyo, etc. We had a poster session where Japanese Irish-harpists played lovely tunes.