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Showa Women’s University Chancellor Bando’s visit to UCD

May 2024

Prof. Mariko Bando and the SWU delegation visited our Belfield Campus

Showa Women’s University’s Chancellor, Prof. Mariko Bando and Ms Fukai from SWU’s International Office paid us a courtesy visit. 

In March 2023, UCD VP for Global Engagement, Prof. Dolores O’Riordan, College VP for Global Engagement, Smurfit School of Business, Prof. Don Bredin and Ms Carole Deering visited SWU’s campus in Setagaya, Tokyo to sign an MoU. 

In July and October 2023, Dr Justin Jütte (College VP for Global Engagement, Social Sciences and Law), Mr Richard Emery (Director, UCD Asia Pacific Global Centre), and Ms Orlaith McGourty (Quinn School of Business) visited SWU.

This time, Chancellor Bando visited our campus to have further discussions regarding how to deepen our inter-college/inter-university collaborations in the future. 

Prof. Bredin, Assoc. Prof. Maeve Houlihan, Prof. Federica Pazzaglia and Dr Jütte as well as Mr Hugo O’Donnell from the UCD Japan Group met with the delegation.

(Left to Right: Ms Fukai (SWU), Prof. Bredin (UCD) and Chancellor Prof. Bando (SWU).