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UCD-Chiba-Seinäjoki joint research seminar on care robots in Finland

UCD-Chiba-Seinäjoki joint seminar on care robots held in Finland

7-10 May 2018

Drs Naonori Kodate (Social Policy) and Sarah Donnelly (Social Work) visited Seinäjoki University of Applied Science (SeAMK) to give a talk on older people’s care in Ireland and the use of assistive technologies (ATs), while the Japanese (Chiba University) and Finnish (SeAMK) team gave presentations concerning the situation surroinding older people and the use of ATs in their respective countries. This tri-country collaboration research is designed to examine and compare people’s perceptions towards care robots in Ireland, Japan and Finland. It is funded by the Pfizer Health Foundation (2018/19).


The seminar was organised by the SeAMK team, and a series of research discussions ensued. The Japanse and Irish team visited older people’s homes, which were also organised by the Finnish team. The Irish delegation met with the President of the university, Dr Tapio Varmola, and representatives from their International Office, exploring future collaboration opportunities. Chiba University and SeAMK have been enjoying their 20-year long partnership. The workshop attracted many academics and students from nursing, social work, physiotherapy, and social policy. The audience was highly engaged with the discussions, and interested not only in the situation in Japan but also that in Ireland.