Upcoming JSPS-funded UCD-Chiba Joint Seminar ‘Technology-supported Community Care in Japan and Ireland’

The JSPS-funded seminar ‘Technology-supported Community Care in Japan and Ireland’ (6th & 7th September 2019) aims to bring together academics, practitioners and early-career researchers to discuss the current policy, practice and research in this area where life sciences (nursing), architecture (urban development) and social sciences (social gerontology – social policy and social work) intersect.

This interdisciplinary seminar addresses the question of how older persons’ stay in their private home and communities (ageing in place) can be supported by technology (such as smart community applications or communication robots) and integrated sheltered housing concepts (such as multi-generation-housing, "dementia villages", ageing-friendly community approaches). This seminar builds on our initial success in creating an Irish-Japan interdisciplinary consortium involving academics and cooperating with professional bodies, based in Dublin and Chiba.

The two seminars will be held at UCD (UCD Science - S1.67 in Science South) in Dublin and at Coastguard Cultural Centre in Tramore. The seminar series are funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (London) and supported by the UCD Japan Group, Tramore Development Trust, Waterford Institute of Technology, Chiba University and UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice. If you have any queries or are interested in attending the seminars, please email: naonori.kodate@ucd.ie