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Case Studies

Exploring the impact of change

Four case study sites located in Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Canada allow researchers to explore the impacts of change across a range of natural and socio-economic contexts .

Coordination of the work and synthesis of the findings will enable insights into the range of decision-making challenges and the effectiveness of the proposed modelling framework and decision-support tools.

The River Liffey and Dublin Bay, Ireland

River Liffey

Set in the heart of the densely inhabited Irish capital city, Dublin Bay is the center point for a wide range of recreational, commercial and cultural activities.

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The Northern Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada

a land outcrop into the sea

Diverse and productive fisheries sustain the local economy of this coastal community, highlighting a long history of intense human activity and the economic value of aquatic ecosystem services.

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Kosterhavet, Bohuslän, Sweden

small boats on water

Known nationally and internationally for its rich coastal history, Bohuslän boasts Sweden’s first and only marine national park and is a popular tourism and recreational destination.

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The Tidal Elbe, Germany

birds flying

Characterized by a rich cultural landscape and strong place attachment in local communities, the River Elbe comprises many valuable habitats for protected species as well as being heavily managed as an essential shipping route.

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