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Kosterhavet, Sweden

Kosterhavet, Bohuslän, Sweden

A comparatively unpopulated area, Kosterhavet is known nationally and internationally for its rich coastal history. Bohuslän is a popular tourism and recreational destination, which is based on its rich cultural heritage as well as the unique natural qualities of the area, including Sweden’s first and only marine national park and its identification by CNN as one of the ten greatest wilderness areas in the world. Quality recreational experiences found and promoted in the area include wildlife experiences (birds and seals) and different water based activities (e.g. kayaking, diving and SUP), while food tourism has also recently become prominent. All these activities depend on healthy coastal ecosystems and their management requires improved understanding of the relationship between socio-cultural interests found along the coast and the condition of the coastal ecosystems that both frame and give meaning to these interests. For example, climate change and mitigation measures such as marine energy, increasing levels of aquaculture and associated nutrient inputs, and also new and more demanding recreational activities, are developments that must be investigated further in terms of how they impact and influence key socio-cultural interests of the Bohuslän coast. Furthermore, maritime spatial planning has come as a way to manage and govern Water Sports the use of marine and coastal environments, and also requires a closer examination.

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Kosterhavet beach