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Charlotte Carrier-Belleau

Charlotte Carrier-Belleau

I completed a university degree in public communication and a Bachelor of Science in freshwater and marine ecology from Université Laval, in Quebec City. I am now doing my PhD in Philippe Archambault’s benthic ecology laboratory with Christian Nozais as a codirector. I got involved in Land2Sea right after my passage from the master to the PhD, in winter 2019. I am part of the WP6 (tipping points and early warning signals) as I will be looking at the effect of nutrient enrichment and salinity variation on a freshwater gastropod. I am also contributing to WP3 (impacts of multiple pressures on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in freshwater and coastal marine habitats) by conduction a multiple stressor experiment at Malahide Marina in collaboration with Tasman Crowe and his team (UCD). I will be contributing to WP4 (consequences of changing biodiversity and ecosystem functioning for ecosystem services and economic, social and cultural benefits) for the case study of the St. Lawrence.

PhD Researcher