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Andreas Skriver Hansen

Andreas Skriver Hansen

I am a researcher and lecturer in human geography at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. My main research areas and interests include: a) Outdoor recreation planning and management b) Physical planning, MSP and ICZM c) Human-nature interaction d) Environmental psychology e) Landscape research. I mostly work with outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism in relation to natural resource planning and management, why my research often has a distinct applied research character. Particular interests in this regard include visitor management and monitoring, and the important role and relevance of social science within area planning and management. In the Land2Sea project, I am mostly active in WP4 together with my colleague Marie Stenseke. We are particularly looking at things from a coastal community perspective and what happens with the future coastal areas in West Sweden, specifically Kosterhavet national park.

Researcher and Lecturer, Department of Economy & Society