Enumerative Combinatorics

Enumerative combinatorics, while primarily motivated by counting problems, concerns the study of structures and their representations that have proven useful in an enumerative context. Our interests lie in several of the main topics in enumerative combinatorics, such as permutations and their representations, partially ordered sets, theory of partitions, Young tableaux, and symmetric functions. Another source of motivation for our work is the combinatorics that arises in random matrices, number theory and statistical physics.


Dr Mark Dukes
Research Interests: 
Algebraic & enumerative combinatorics, discrete mathematics, and their use in the analysis of complex systems.

Prof Neil O’Connell 
Research Interests: Probability, random matrices, combinatorics, representation theory, integrable systems, mathematical physics.

Dr Robert Osburn
Research Interests: Number Theory, Q-Series, Modular Forms

PhD students

Amal Alofi
Research Interests:

Philip Cohen
Research interests: Probability, combinatorics, random matrices.