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Statistical Modelling

Statistical Modelling

The Statistical Modelling group performs research in both applied and theoretical aspects of statistical modelling. Theoretical interests include spatial statistics, time series, mixed models and survival analysis. Applications include biomedical, clinical, health, environmental, agricultural, forestry and veterinary sciences and the group has published extensively in these areas. 

Dr Michelle Carey
Research Interests: Functional Data Analysis, Differential Equations, Financial instruments, Biological systems and Climatology

(opens in a new window)Dr Silvia D'Angelo 
Statistical network analysis, Statistical methodology, Bayesian methods, applied statistics.

(opens in a new window)Dr Michael Fop
Research Interests:
 Clustering and Classification, High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Statistical Modelling, Statistical Network Analysis

Dr Claire Gormley
Research Interests: Statistical Methodology, Bayesian Methods, Applied Statistics 

(opens in a new window)Dr.Isabella Gollini Research Interests: Statistical models,bayesian statistics,fast inferential approaches, statistical network analysis  

Dr Garrett Greene
Research Interests:Statistical modelling, medical statistics, classification problems, model selection and regularisation.

(opens in a new window)Dr Emma Howard 
Clustering, data management, learning analytics, statistical modelling, mathematics/statistics education at the university level 

Assoc Prof Gabrielle Kelly
Research Interests: Spatial Modelling, Veterinary Epidemiology, Forest Analytics

Assoc Prof Patrick Murphy
Research Interests: Multivariate Time Series Analysis, Statistical Issues in Radiological Protection, Official Statistics, Electoral Behaviour, Survey Design and Analysis, Research in Statistics Education

Dr Adrian O'Hagan 
Research Interests: Tail Dependence, Clustering, Copulas, Political Science

Dr Michael Salter-Townshend
Research Interests‌ :Bayesian Statistics, Statistical Modelling, Statistical Genetics.

(opens in a new window)Assistant Professor Andrew Smith
Research Interests: Stochastic mortality models, illiquidity premiums, corporate finance, asymptotic probability expansions, copulas, robust statistics, financial time series, stress testing.  

(opens in a new window)Dr Riccardo Rastelli
Research Interests: Statistical Modelling, Computational Statistics, Statistical Network Analysis.

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