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Conference Sensible Living Optimizing Well Being

Sat, 20 October Room C005, Health Sciences Centre, UCD Belfield Add to calendar

On 20 October 2018, UCD’s School of Medicine is organizing the Sensible Living & Optimizing Well-Being (SLOW) conference with leading experts in health and wellness.  The conference will cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, tools for cultivating self-compassion, the relationship between sleep and mental health, as well as mindfulness and guided meditations. 

Master Class on Medical and Non-Medical Management of ADHD

Fri, 12 October George Moore Auditorium, O’Brien Centre for Science, UCD Belfield Add to calendar

This masterclass on medical and non-medical management of ADHD will be hosted by the UCD School of Medicine in October 2018 to coincide with the Launch of the ADHD Care Netowork. 

Approaches to Adolescents Presenting in Crisis to Emergency Departments in Ireland

Mon, 14 August 17 16:16

There has been a significant increase in presentations of young people in crisis to the Paediatric ED’s and three Liaison Child and Adolescent Services in Dublin. Suicide and self harm are pressing problems for the adolescent population and a common cause of ED presentation.  The UCD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (UCD CAP) team have a two day training programme on Therapeutic Assessment of Self Harm.  This intensive programme for interdisciplinary professionals provided practical skills for the intensive, supportive assessment of young people who self harm. 

Supporting Clinicians Working in Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Mon, 14 August 17 16:25

A brief report on some of the initiatives by staff from the UCD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Mental Health Group on supports for clinicians working in the field.

Mind-Reading 2017: Mental Health and the Written Word

Fri, 10 March Studio Theatre, dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire Add to calendar

DLR LexIcon in collaboration with UCD Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Oxford University, this one-day programme of talks and workshops seeks to locate and to explore productive interactions between literature and mental health both historically and in the present day.  The event takes place on Fri 10 Mar 17 from 9:30 in DLR Lexicon in Dún Laoghaire.