This collaboration is led by Dr. Elizabeth Barrett and the UCD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Dr. Melissa Dickson at the University of Birmingham with the Diseases of Modern Life Project at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

Our activities comprise a series of explorations around the central theme of literature and mental health. The events are brought together by their intent to explore the best ways of drawing on the insights of historical and literary research in contemporary medical practice and the insights that medical practice lends to the reading of literary texts.

This project explores the patient experience through the prism of literature and personal narrative to inform self-care, patient-centred care, and to support clinicians with regard to reflective and clinical practice while investigating interactions between literature and medicine. Do doctors and patients speak the same language, and how can we use narrative to bridge the evident gaps? This project explores the use of narrative in medicine and has an interdisciplinary focus. 

In associaction with Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

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