Applications Invited for UCD School of Medicine Clinical Pathway 2022/2023

Applications Invited for Adjunct Academic Appointment or Promotion

Applications are now invited for first time appointment, re-appointment or advancement within the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway for the academic year 2022/2023.  Closing date for receipt of applications to is the 31st December 2022.

First Time Appointments

This adjunct appointment pathway is designed to recognise the contribution of clinical staff to our academic programmes.  The scheme is open to hospital consultants, general practitioners, radiographers and paramedics who actively support our academic teaching and/or research programmes.  

These non-remunerated appointments provide individuals with a UCD email address and access to university resources including software, data story and online library facilities.  Having a formal university appointment facilitates their engagement with the academic community and their participation in collaborative research.  

Applications will be assessed by the School’s Review Panel within three principal domains – Research & Innovation, Education & Scholarship and Clinical Leadership. – on foot of recommendations by the appropriate Section Leader.


Applicants seeking advancement within the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway should note that they will be required to demonstrate significant incremental performance across the principal assessment domains.  The scheme allows SVUH and MMUH consultants appointed under the DAMC agreement to advance to higher academic ranks based on contributions to UCD academic programmes.  

The School’s Review Panel would ordinarily expect a minimum of three years between successive applications for promotion.  Candidates seeking promotion within the scheme are required to also provide a recent curriculum vitae.  Candidates seeking appointment to the academic ranks of UCD Clinical Professor or UCD Full Clinical Professor are expected to have a published investigator profile with our research management system (RMS Profile).


All University adjunct appointments are for a maximum of five years although can be renewed by application.  As we wish to build an enduring connection with our clinical faculty, the School also welcomes applications from existing UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway appointees for re-appointment at the same academic rank for another period of five years.  Any such re-appointment is subject to continued ongoing contribution to our academic programmes.

Review Process

The UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway scheme is a formal University adjunct academic appointment and consistent with university procedures all appointments are for a period of up to five years although they may be extended by re-application.  Applications will be assessed by the most appropriate academic Section Leader before being considered by an internal School Review Panel comprising Section Leaders, Heads of Clinical Subjects and Associate Deans.  

Proposed appointments at professorial level will additionally be evaluated by a Senior Review Panel comprising academic staff from other Irish Medical Schools.  All proposed appointments or promotions are subject to approval by the College of Health & Agricultural Science.

About the Pathway

First introduced in 2007/2008, the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway has proven a very popular across our clinical faculty with over 1,650 applications for appointment or promotion.  There are currently 816 active adjunct appointments under the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway.

How to Apply

Completed applications forms should be submitted to the School by email via by 31st December 2022.  Applications for promotion should be accompanied by a recent curriculum vitae.  Applicants for promotion to the ranks of UCD Clinical Professor or UCD Full Clinical Professor should update their UCD RMS research profile.

The School of Medicine will acknowledge receipt of all applications.  You should not consider your application has been completed until you receive this confirmation.


Anticipated Timeframe for Review

As this is a popular scheme and these are formal university appointments with a rigorous review process, it is important to recognise that the processing of applications will take some time to complete.  The School will endeavour to keep all applicants appraised of the review status but notes that not all steps in this process are within the School’s control.


Indicative Timeline

Open for applications

1st October 2022 – 31st December 2022

Closing date for receipt of applications

31st December 2022

Stage 1 Review (by Section Leaders)

31st January 2023

Stage 3 Review (by School leadership)

31st March 2023

Stage 3 Review (External Review)

30th April 2023

College Approval

May 2023

Communication to applicants

June 2023


For further information including FAQs about the UCD Medicine Clinical Pathway process, please visit