Biomedical Sciences Support Team

Key Functions

The key functions of the Biomedical Sciences Support Team include the support of 75 modules, 75 exams, 5 subjects, 60 meetings per academic cycle and 5 prize awards across a total of 6 programmes.

We support the 5 academic subjects form the pre-clinical curriculum of the undergraduate degree; Anatomy, Medical Informatics, Medical Microbiology, Pathology and Physiology. These 5 pre-clinical subjects combine to form the largest section in the school. We also provide programme support at an undergraduate level to the Biomedical Health & Life Sciences degree, Stage 3 and Stage 4 BSc Physiology degree, and at a postgraduate level to the Healthcare Informatics programmes.

BSS Organisation Chart

We organise school and academic events, engage in recruitment and procurement and provide research support. As a project based team, we managed the development and roll out of the Academic Workload Model and the Module Improvement Process. Working in a fluid, proactive environment, we oversee a regular review process of the functions we support, monitoring output for improved efficiency. 

Programme Support

We provide expert administrative support to the BSc. Biomedical Health and Life Science programme. This 4 year programme delivered within the School of Medicine is built upon an array of both medicine and science modules. Chaired by Professor Bill Watson, the programme has been designed for students with a keen interest in science and in how research and technology can impact on human health. Queries relating to the BSc. Biomedical Health and Life Science programme can be made to

We provide academic and students support to Stage 3 & 4 of the BSc. Physiology Degree programme. This is a 4 year programme delivered via the School of Medicine Physiology subject.

Primary administrative support is also provided to a suite of Healthcare Informatics postgraduate programmes (Graduate Diploma and MSc) under the directorship of Dr Pat Felle. This includes management of the applications process, student registration query management and day to day administration of the programmes.

Subject Management

The Biomedical Sciences Support Team provide administrative support to the following subjects and subject leaders.

SubjectHead of SubjectAdministrative Support
Anatomy Prof James Jones Steven Masterton
Medical Informatics Dr Patrick Felle Steven Masterton
Medical Microbiology Dr Koon Meng Chan Elizabeth Whitney
Pathology Dr Amanda McCann Lynsey Potter
Physiology Prof Paul McLoughlin Anthony Hyland

We provide subject support across Anatomy (16 modules), Medical Informatics, (Grad Dip and MSc), Medical Microbiology (5 modules), Pathology (18 modules), Physiology (28 modules) and within the Biomedical Science Section. We provide complete faculty support (including external stakeholders), Blackboard and systems support, committee meeting support and assessment support in these subject areas.


Headed by Professor James Jones and with a staff of 11 academics and 4 technicians, the Anatomy subject group delivers 16 modules to the pre-clinical stages of the undergraduate, graduate entry, BHLS and Radiography programmes. The Anatomy subject group also manages the Body Donation Programme, a key provision in medical education. With the exception of the Body Donation Programme, our office provides complete faculty, systems and procurement support to the Anatomy subject.

Medical Microbiology

Our team supports the delivery of 5 Medical Microbiology modules within the Biomedical Science Section. We provide administrative assistance to 3 academics including the Head of Microbiology subject, Dr Koon Meng Chan.


Our Academic Support Office supports the coordination of 19 pathology modules. Administrative support is provided with regard to timetabling, coordinating and liaising with external non-UCD based lecturers, assessments, award processes and educational tools (Blackboard and BMJ Learning). We also manage Pathology Teaching Committee meetings, chaired by Pathology Subject Head, Dr Amanda McCann.


We provide full academic support to 28 physiology modules across 3 years of the degree programme and provide administrative support to students throughout their degree pathway. We manage timetabling, student registration and module assessment throughout the academic year. We manage the Physiology subject committee, chaired by Biomedical Science Section and Physiology subject head, Professor Paul McLoughlin.

The following scholarship prize awards are also managed by the Biomedical Sciences Support Team:

  • Ambrose Bermingham Medal (Anatomy)
  • Coakley Medal for Dissection (Anatomy)
  • John McGrath Memorial Medal (Pathology)
  • Peter Dervan Memorial Medal for Excellence in Cancer Pathology (Pathology)
  • The NUI Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Medical Scholarships and Prizes in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, Pathology, Physiology, Pharmacology

Beyond the scope of academic subject support, we engage with students and the wider public through various open days and both public and academic events as a professional representative of UCD School of Medicine.

Module Support

Based across two locations on the Belfield campus; C209 Health Sciences Centre, and in the Conway Institute (Room G034), our team provides module administrative support to 75 academic staff and 60 pre-clinical modules delivered to UEM, GEM, BHLS and Physiology students. Areas in which we provided support include, but not limited to:  in course and end of semester assessment, Blackboard and systems management, timetabling and visiting lecturer coordination. 

Projects / Enhancement

The Biomedical Sciences Support Team delivers and collates reports for Section activities including the Academic Workload Model and Technical Staff Workload Data Collection, Heads of Subjects meetings and the Module Improvement Process. We offer event management for Section research and teaching functions. The team provides recruitment administration including subject area inductions for new staff. We coordinate the Medical Trainee Scholarship Programme amongst other graduate related procurement provision. We also collaborate with School and University focus groups to advance continuous improvement policies and procedures.

Contact the Team

Mr Anthony Hyland Administration Manager +353 1 716 6635
Ms Lisa Bruton Senior Executive Assistant +353 1 716 6633
Mr Steven Masterton Senior Executive Assistant +353 1 716 6634
Ms Clare McAleavey Senior Executive Assistant +353 1 716 6650
Ms Emanuela Pizzi  Executive Assistant +353 1 716 6606


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