School Management & Organisation

A‌cademic Units

High Lvl Organogram

Executive Management Committee 

The School Executive Management Committee is the most senior representative group within the School.  Chaired by the Dean of Medicine/Head of School, this committee comprises Associate Deans, representatives from each of the academic sections and the main research groups as well as senior administrative staff from across the School and College.  The School Executive Management Committee currently comprises:

Name Title
Ms Elaine Bourke College Human Resources Partner
Prof Gerard Bury Section Leader, General Practice and Forensic & Legal Medicine
Prof Ronan Cahill Section Leader, Surgery & Surgical Specialties
Assoc Prof Marguerite Clyne Chair of Athena Swan and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Prof Walter Cullen Director of Quality
Assoc Prof Suzanne Donnelly Associate Dean, Programmes & Educational Innovation
Prof Peter Doran Associate Dean, Research, Innovation & Impact
Assoc Prof Patrick Felle Associate Dean, International Relations
Prof Catherine Godson Director, Diabetes Research Centre
Mr Paul Harkin Director of Strategic Development
Ms Gráinne Keane College Director of Finance
Prof Michael Keane Dean of Medicine & Head of School (Chair)
Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe Section Leader, Women’s & Children’s Health
Prof Paul McLoughlin Section Leader, Biomedical Science 
Assoc Prof Jonathan McNulty Associate Dean, Graduate Taught Studies
Prof Yvonne O’Meara Section Leader, Medicine & Medical Specialties
Prof Louise Rainford Section Leader, Diagnostic Imaging 
Ms Gilli Reilly Director, School Of Medicine
Prof Owen Smith Deputy Section Leader, Women's & Children's Health
Prof Cormac Taylor Research Leader, Biomedical Science 
Prof Bill Watson Research Leader, Biomedical Science 

Teaching & Learning (T&L) Strategy Group

The School has established a T&L Group comprising educational leads across all subject areas and education development support staff from across the School.

Following the appointment of Associate Professor Suzanne Donnelly as Associate Dean for Programmes & Educational Innovation and  Assoc Prof Jonathan McNulty as Associate Dean for Graduate Taught Studies, the work of this committee is being reviewed to align it with the School's key educational strategic objectives.

Research, Innovation & Impact Group (RIIG)

The RIIG has been established to provide strategic oversight of activities, systems and supports for Research in the School of Medicine and to support our ambition to be an international leader in biomedical and clinical research. The RIIG has a major role in promoting the school’s research community and in developing a culture and environment conducive to conducting research within the school. Current membership includes:

  • Professor Peter Doran (Chair)
  • Professor Paul McLoughlin
  • Professor Gerard Bury
  • Professor Louise Rainford
  • Professor Yvonne O'Meara
  • Professor Ronan Cahill
  • Professor Fionnuana McAuliffe
  • Professor Patrick Murray
  • Professor Des Tobin
  • Professor Walter Kolch
  • Professor Catherine Godson
  • Professor Cormac Taylor
  • Mr Paul Harkin

Academic Support

Technical staff are deployed across the School to support specialist teaching and research activities and include technical staff who support audio-visual and information technology, anatomy dissection laboratories & our Body Donation programme, as well as pathology and physiology laboratories.  Technical staff are also integrated with research teams across all School sites.

Administrative staff are structured in a range of teams in support of the School’s key academic functions and our students. Staff are located on the Belfield campus and across nine hospitals.


Wider University Context

The School operates with executive authority within the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences, (CHAS) which includes:

The School is a principal stakeholder in several multi-disciplinary research centres including Systems Biology Ireland.  We participate in thematic research programmes across the University and lead UCD representation on numerous national and international research collaborations (Molecular Medicine Ireland, Dublin Centre for Clinical Research, etc).