Systems Biology Ireland investigates new therapeutic approaches to disease, with a focus on cancer at a systems level. We use a combination of traditional wet-lab and computational modeling approaches to understand cellular signaling networks.


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SBI researchers embark on ground breaking clinical trial

In what is being hailed as a “milestone achievement,” a mathematical modelling system developed by Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) at University College Dublin will be used as a basis for treating pancreatic cancer patients in a Phase II clinical trial in the United States.

07 January, 2022 Read More

Organizing #SysGen21

In this week's blog post, PhD students Anjan Venkatesh (Ryan Group) & Cosmin Tudose (Ryan/Bond groups) talk about their experience working behind the scenes on the upcoming Systems Genomics Summit 2021 (#SysGen21) in Galway.

15 November, 2021 Read More