Fight Kids Cancer

FIGHT KIDS CANCER is a joint initiative by KickCancer, Imagine for Margo (France), the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (Luxembourg), CRIS Cancer Foundation (Spain) and KiKA (the Netherlands) the aim of which is to accelerate the most innovative treatments thanks to European financing and collaboration of research on paediatric cancers. FIGHT KIDS CANCER entails the launch of recurring annual calls for projects. Since 2020 we have invested a total of 12,25 million euros, of which 2,5 million euros are funded by KickCancer.

DIGITWINS (Walter Kolch, University College, Dublin)

  • Participating countries: UK and Ireland
  • This 2-year project started in April 2023 and aims to develop a strategy based on results and biological characteristics of tumours from children with neuroblastoma to design digital simulations (digitwins) that can predict the treatment which is best suited for each child.

For more information on FIGHT KIDS CANCER, check out the initiative website