SBI's POI program announces a new research project studying childhood blood cancers

Precision Oncology Ireland announces a new project using precision oncology to tackle a deadly disease affecting children. Led by Prof. Jonathan Bond, the project aims to to utilize high-throughput approaches to understand molecular vulnerabilities in High-Risk Childhood Blood Cancers.

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SBI brings awareness to childhood cancer

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and SBI used the opportunity to highlight the centre’s research in the childhood cancer sphere and also bring attention to patient and charity organisations that support families throughout the cancer journey.

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Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND Programme ‘DevelopMed’ Call 2 Now Open

Call 2 of the ‘Developing the Next Generation of Research Leaders in Precision Oncology’ (DevelopMed) Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND Programme is now officially open and runs until the 30th of November 2021.

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SBI Announces New Scientific Advisory Board

Systems Biology Ireland announced nine new Scientific Advisory Board members this week. The board, which has a 6-year term, has been an integral part of SBI since its inception in 2009.

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SBI Researchers combat cancer drug resistance with novel signaling analysis

Drug resistance in cancer therapy is one of the grand challenges facing doctors and scientists in modern medicine. According to a study published today in Cell Reports, researchers at Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) have been working to predict and combat these resistances... [more]

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Bond Group Aims to ‘Close the Gap’ on Childhood Leukaemia in Tanzania

Thanks to a funding award of more than €90,390 from The Little Princess Trust in partnership with CCLG, Prof. Jonathan Bond and Dr. Peter McCarthy are helping treat children with leukaemia in Tanzania in a collaboration with the international NGO, WeAreTLM. Read more about the project here.

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Melinda Halasz recognised with UCD Teaching & Learning Award

SBI Group Leader Melinda Halasz received the prestigious UCD Teaching & Learning Award this week in an online ceremony, one of only 13 out of more than 3000 nominations.

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SBI/Conway Transition Year project awarded SFI Discover Programme funding

The SFI Discover Programme has funded an exciting new Transition Year placement week run by Systems Biology Ireland and the Conway Institute. The joint SBI-Conway project is called "Ensuring equity of access to a STEM placement programme" and will begin in April 2021.

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CMAP, The Complete Mass Spectrometry Resource

Just a year and half after receiving €2.68 million in Science Foundation Ireland infrastructure funding, SBI’s Comprehensive Molecular Analysis Platform (CMAP) at UCD is fully operational and has recently launched a new webpage.

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DevelopMed Call 1 Now Open!

Call 1 of the ‘Developing the Next Generation of Research Leaders in Precision Oncology’ (DevelopMed) Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND Programme is now officially open and runs until the 31st of March 2021.

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€1.32 million in EU funding to support training the next generation of research leaders in precision oncology

Today marks the official launch of a new Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA) COFUND programme, ‘Developing the Next Generation of Research Leaders in Precision Oncology’ (DevelopMed).

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QBI/SBI Symposium on Molecular Networks of Cancer and Other Diseases – the Virtual Edition

On October 29 – 30, SBI will be co-hosting an online symposium with the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) at University of California San Francisco. The event features 19 speakers from across UCD and UCSF and is free of charge.

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Childhood cancer researcher Luke Jones explores more effective treatments for a form of paediatric blood cancer

Postdoc Luke Jones is an Irish Cancer Society funded researcher who is due to begin work on a project which will look at more effective treatments for a form of paediatric blood cancer.

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SBI-led MSc in AI for Medicine and Medical Research Open for Enrollment

Enrollment is now open for an exciting new Masters programme at UCD, developed by Walter Kolch, Dirk Fey and Eadaoin McKiernan of Systems Biology Ireland (SBI). The one-of-a-kind MSc in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Research will start in Autumn 2020.

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Clarify Project, Big Data and AI to improve care for cancer survivors

The EU-funded CLARIFY project will identify the risk factors that impact cancer patient´s quality of life after oncological treatment by using Big Data and AI. Data from more than 15,000 survivors from breast, lung and lymphoma cancer (the most prevalent types) will be analyzed for this purpose.

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SBI international collaboration culminates in Nature Communications paper, published today

An international collaboration between SBI and the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute has led to the publication of a new paper on RAS mutation today in the prestigious Nature Communications.

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Minister Humphreys, Patient Panel Make POI Launch Special Occasion

More than 90 scientists, cancer patients, academic, charity and industry representatives gathered on Tuesday, November 26, to launch the new Precision Oncology Ireland research programme at University College Dublin.

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€11.9 million SFI research collaboration targets precision oncology

Irish Charity, Industry and University sector combine forces to improve cancer patient outcomes

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3TR: SBI joins 69 European partners in largest-ever Innovative Medicine Initiative 2 (IMI2) immunology project

This large-scale public-private research initiative will provide new insights into the mechanisms of response and non-response to treatment within and across seven different immune-mediated diseases through integrated, cross-disease analysis of the most state-of-the-art profiling technologies.

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UCD's CMAP One of Six Awarded Infrastructure Funding

Director of Systems Biology Ireland Walter Kolch has been awarded €2.68m through the SFI Research Infrastructure Programme for his comprehensive molecular analysis platform (CMAP) project.

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Bond Group Success at HAI

It was a highly successful weekend for Professor Jonathan Bond’s group at the Annual Meeting of the Haematology Association of Ireland in Galway. Prof. Bond gave an invited lecture and two Bond group members received prestigious awards.

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University College Dublin and University of California Sign Agreement to Strengthen Research and Training Links

UCD has today announced the signing of a 5-year International Unit Affiliation Agreement (IUAA) with the University of California, San Francisco to develop closer educational, research, innovation and cultural links between between both institutions.

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David Gomez Matallanas Named Assistant Professor, Awarded Ad Astra Fellowship

Now celebrating his tenth year at SBI, Group Leader David Gomez Matallanas has just been named an assistant professor and Ad Astra fellow at UCD. He reflects on the last decade as he looks forward to the future in the following Q&A.

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Fellowship and Funding: Dirk Fey

SBI Group Leader Dr. Dirk Fey was recently named an Ad Astra fellow and was also separately awarded funding from the European Commission Horizon 2020 Initiative. He discusses both in the following Q & A.

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PhD Student Bokharaie Wins Prestigious Award

PhD student Honey Bokharaie of the Rauch Group has been awarded a prestigious fellowship, placing 8th overall out of 2,000 applicants.

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SBI Welcomes Summer Interns

Four international interns have joined the Systems Biology Ireland team this summer.

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SBI Celebrates 10 Years

On 23 May, 2019, SBI students, staff and alumni celebrated the centre's 10th Anniversary.

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SBI Professors Bond and Smith in National News

SBI Professors Jonathan Bond and Owen Smith have been featured a number of times in the Irish national press recently.

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SBI Launches New Website

On April 1, 2019, the new Systems Biology Website officially went live. The project was over a year in the making and integrated ideas and collaborations from all corners of SBI.

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New data integration method deciphers RAS oncoprotein functions

SBI Researchers have developed a new method for integrating and analysing different types of molecular cancer data in order to disrupt the signaling systems of cancer-causing RAS proteins, according to a study published this week in Cell Reports.

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SBI Year-End Highlights

It has been a stand-out year at Systems Biology Ireland! But before jumping into 2019, we would be remiss not to highlight just a few of our most significant achievements of the past 12 months.

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