Current Initiatives

Precision Oncology Ireland

Precision Oncology Ireland (POI) is a consortium of five Irish universities, six Irish cancer research charities, and 10 companies aiming to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for the personalised treatment of cancer.

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SFI-EMBL Partnership Initiative

175,000 children develop cancer every day, and current treatments often result in significant long term side effects. There is therefore clearly a need for improved therapies and diagnotiscs in young cancer patients. In partnership with EMBL, SBI has developed a new initiative to seek funding for a 5 year program to address this gap in childhood cancer research. For more information and opportunities related to this initiative, please contact us (



SBI runs the TopMed10 Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND Action. This program provides co-funding for postdoctoral fellows in Personalised Medicine. Read more about our TopMed10 program here:

Industry Engagement & Business Development

Our researchers are experts in generation, analysis and interpretation of ‘omics’ data (metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, genomics) and integration of this information into predictive computational models. We frequently collaborate with national and international companies, including the following:



Quotes from our Collaborators

“It’s always a pleasure fostering these exchanges between EMBL scientists and colleagues at leading institutes like SBI.”
~ Iain Mattaj, Director General, EMBL

"Fujitsu has been fortunate to work with SBI and do so as they are recognised leaders in their field. The uniqueness of their talent and expertise is key to Fujitsu's decision to work with SBI. Their approach to our collaboration has demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm and ambition, a model for academic engagement with an industry partner."
~ Anthony McCauley, Head of Research, Fujitsu
"SBI represents a unique resource in Ireland which helps to offer fundamental insights into human health and disease by interrogation of biological data."
~ Glen Doherty, UCD School of Medicine and St. Vincent's University Hospital

Consulting Services

If your organisation generates large amounts of experimental data or if you are interested in leveraging publically available ‘omics’ data to complement your core business activities then our team can help. Individual researchers or teams are available to assist with ‘omics’ data generation, integration of existing warehoused data into predictive models or to advise on infrastructural requirements for planned ‘omics’ initiatives.