Staff Awards

Each year, the School recognises academic and academic-support staff for their contributions which help to make our programmes the best that they can be.

BHLS Teacher of the Year

This award is voted by the students in the final year of the Biomedical, Health & Life Science degree programme.

2015/16 Dr Tara McMorrow
2014/15 Dr Orina Belton
2013/14 Dr Orina Belton
2012/13 Prof Stephen Pennington & Dr Tara McMorrow

PHYSIOLOGY Teacher of the Year

This award is voted on by the students of the final year of the Physiology degree programme.

2015/16 Dr Stuart Bund & Prof Cromac Taylor
2014/15 Dr Stuart Bund
2013/14 Dr Stuart Bund & Dr Katherine Howell
2012/13 Dr Stuart Bund

MEDICINE Teacher of the Year

The Medicine Teacher of the Year Awards are voted on by students within the final year of the Medicine programmes.

Pre-Clinical Medicine Stages

2015/16 Dr Tom Flanagan
2014/15 Dr Tom Flanagan
2013/14 Dr Jane Dolan and Dr Koon Meng Chan
2012/13 Dr Koon Meng Chan and Dr Patrick Felle


Clinical Medicine Stages


Prof Donal O'Shea

Dr John Seery

Dr Samantha Doyle

2014/15 Dr John Seery
2013/14 Dr John Seery & Dr Gerry McEntee
2012/13 Dr Gerard O'Connor

RADIOGRAPHY Teacher of the Year

The Radiography Teacher of the Year award is voted by the students of the final year of the Radiography programme.



Ms Kate Matthews

Dr Eoin Kavanagh

2014/15 Ms Marion Maher
2013/14 Ms Marion Maher
2012/13 Ms Marion Maher

Administrator of the Year

The award of administrator of the year is selected by the Dean based on votes by all School staff.

2015/16 Ms Debbie Kileen
2014/15 Ms Anna Matusak
2013/14 Ms Judy Farrell
2012/13 Ms Aisling O'Keeffe and Ms Zoe Thompson
2011/12 Ms Anne Hegarty

Technician of the Year

2015/16 Mr Conor Lyons
2014/15 Mr Peter McLoughlin
2013/14 Mr Gary F. Perry
2012/13 Mr Harry Kavanagh & Mr Peter McLoughlin
2011/12 Mr Peter McLoughlin