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Patient Voice in Diabetes Research

Wed, 14 November Old Lecture Theatre, St Vincent's University Hospital Add to calendar

The second Patient Voice in Diabetes Research event took place on Wednesday 14th November 2018 in the Old Lecture Theatre at St Vincent's University Hospital. 

How does the brain control what we eat

Wed, 14 November 18 11:02 RTÉ Brainstorm, Dr Neil Docherty, Prof Carel le Roux.

Professor Carel le Roux, from the UCD DCRC, is Head of Pathology and Chair of Experimental Pathology at UCD. This feature in RTÉ Brainstorm highlights Carel le Roux's work on "The way the gut talks to the brain controls what,how much and when we decide to eat". Within the link is a clip from RTÉ One's Claire Byrne Live. 

Pro-resolving lipid mediators: Agents of anti-ageing?

Fri, 5 October 18 09:00 Ross Doyle, Denise Sadlier, Catherine Godson.

Dr Ross Doyle from the UCD DCRC, working with Prof Catherine Godson, has published a review, in the Seminars of Immunology. He describes the role played by specialised proresolving lipid mediators in the resolution of inflammation and how insufficient levels of these mediators, or compromised responsiveness may play a role in the pathogenisis of many ageing-associated pathologies, e.g. Alzheimer’s Disease, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and kidney disease. 


Messenger molecues targeted in diabetes research

Mon, 1 October 18 09:00 Will Goodbody (RTE News) Dr. Eoin Brennan (UCD DCRC)

This study, led by Dr Eoin Brennan in UCD and Monash University in Melbourne looked at whether a synthetic version of a molecule called lipoxin could be used to copy the activity of the messengers and could in time reduce the incidence of stroke and heart problems in people with diabetes.


UCD Researchers collaborate to tackle diabetes

Thu, 27 September 18 09:00

We recently worked with Mediaplanet IE on the 2018 Diabetes Awareness Campaign. A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of The Irish Independent.

A peek inside the University College Dublin Diabetes Complications Research Centre, where researchers are working together to conduct cutting-edge research into diabetes and its complications - and patients are part of the team. 

Hearing the Patient Voice

Mon, 10 September 18 10:46

We are delighted to feature a blog post by Kate Gajewska, a diabetes educator and doctoral candidate in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, who spoke about the history of diabetes and her personal experience with type 1 diabetes at a recent DCRC event. Kate's blog article includes the history of diabetes and the importance of the patient voice highlighting the UCD DCRC Patient Voice in Diabetes Research event.

Resolution of Inflammation, Infection and Tissue Regeneration

Fri, 7 September 18 14:59

On June 25–26, 2018, the New York Academy of Sciences hosted Resolution of Inflammation, Infection and Tissue Regeneration, a symposium featuring many of the top researchers in the rapidly developing field of resolution pharmacology including Professor Catherine Godson, UCD Professor of Molecular Medicine and Director, UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre among the keynote speakers.  In two days of oral presentations, a poster session, and an extensive panel discussion, speakers and attendees reviewed the biggest advances and challenges in resolution biology. The meeting covered the basic biology of inflammation and its resolution, studies on animal models of chronic and acute diseases, and clinical trials of promising new inflammation-resolving drugs.

UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre Summer School 2018

Mon, 20 August UCD Conway Institute Add to calendar

The UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre were delighted to welcome students from Tallaght Community School to a Summer School that took place on Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd August 2018, at the UCD Conway Institute.  The event provided our guests with an insight into scientific research that might inspire career choices.

Can Bariatric Surgery Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Mon, 18 June 18 12:42

This video by The Economist examines the impact of bariatric surgery as a potential therapy for the remission of Type 2 Diabetes.

Patient Voice in Diabetes Research

Wed, 13 June UCD Charles Institute Add to calendar

The inaugural Patient Voice in Diabetes Research event takes place on Wednesday 13th June 2018 from 5:30-9pm in the UCD Charles Institute.  This event is free but registration is required.

4th World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes

Mon, 8 April Hilton Midtown, New York City Add to calendar

The 4th World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes takes place from 8th - 10th April 2019 at the Hilton Midtown, New York City.  Further details from

Comparison of Semaglutide with Dulaglutide in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Fri, 23 February 18 19:09

Prof Carel Le Roux describes in layperson's terms a summary of a clinical trial comparing semaglutide with dulaglutide when administered with metformin in the treatment of people with Type 2 diabetes.

The Resolution of Inflammation in Health and Disease

Sat, 24 March RDS, Dublin Add to calendar

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology present 'The Resolution of Inflammation in Health and Disease' conference from 24th to 28th March 2018 at the Royal Dublin Society, Dublin. The scientiifc organising committee includes Prof Catherine Godson, UCD Professor of Molecular Medicine.