Meet Our Researchers

Principal Investigators

Investigator Primary Research Focus  Email Link to Profile
Dr Carol Aherne Gastroentrology

Ms Werd Al-Najim Nutrition Profile
Dr Clement Agoni Pharmecuticals

Ms Darrell Andrews Cell & Molecular Biology  
Dr Elizabeth Barrett Psychiatry Profile
Dr Tomás Barry General Practice Profile
Assoc Professor John Baugh Translational Medicine Profile
Dr Indrani Bera Bioinformatics

Dr Anna Beug General Practice  
Dr Teerna Bhattacharyya Bioinformatics

Professor Jonathan Bond Haematology Profile
Professor Billy Bourke Paediatric Gastroenterology Profile
Dr Nicholas Breen General Practice Profile
Professor Donal Brennan Gynae Cancer Profile
Dr Deirdre Brennan Anatomy Profile
Dr Eoin Brennan Genetics


Professor Donal Buggy Anaesthesiology Profile
Dr Marcus Butler Respiratory Dx Profile
Professor Adam Byrne Respiratory Immunology

Dr Kevin Byrne Genome Evolution & Organisation

Assoc Professor Paula Byrne Pathology Profile
Professor Ronan Cahill Precision Surgery Profile
Dr Thomas Campbell Human Anatomy Profile 
Dr Crea Carberry General Practice Profile
Dr Jayne Carberry Physiology

Dr Koon-Meng Chan Microbiology  
Dr Nia Clendennen General Practice  
Professor Marguerite Clyne Paediatrics Profile
Dr Christine Costello Physiology  
Assoc Professor Aoife Cotter Infectious Diseases Profile
Dr Mark Coyne Pharmacology Profile
Ms Andrea Cradock MRI Clinical Practice Profile
Dr Kevin Cronin Diagnostic Imaging Profile
Dr Paul Crossey Endocrinology & Physiology Profile
Dr Rachel Crowley Endocrinology  
Professor Walter Cullen General Practice Profile
Dr Eoin Cummins Hypoxia, Inflammation & Immunity Profile
Dr Kathleen Curran Radiology Profile
Dr Michaela Davis Diagnostic Imaging Profile
Assoc Professor Neil Docherty Diabetes Profile
Dr Maeve Doheny Sports Medicine  
Assoc Professor Anne Doherty Psychiatry Profile 
Assoc Professor Suzanne Donnelly Rheumatology  
Dr Grainne Donohue Psychotherapy

Dr Dearbhaile Dooley Immunology & Stem Cell Biology Profile
Professor Michael Duffy Clinical Biochemistry & Cancer Research Profile
Assoc Professor Eleanor Dunican Respiratory Medicine Profile
Professor Guenther Eissner Translational Systems Biology Profile
Dr Sean Ennis Genetics & Rare Disease Profile
Dr Marina Everri Social Psychology & Systemic Psychotherapy Profile
Professor Aurelie Fabre Histopathology  Profile
Assoc Professor Patrick Felle International Medical Education Profile
Professor Oliver Fitzgerald Rheumatology  
Dr Thomas Flanagan Tissue Engineering Profile
Ms Ann Fleming Obs & Gynae Ultrasound Profile
Dr Ruth Foley Prostate Cancer  
Assoc Professor Shane Foley Radiography Profile
Assoc Professor Helen Gallagher Clinical Pharmacology Profile 
Dr Joseph Gallagher Primary Care

Dr Marie Galligan Clinical & Translational Research Profile 
Dr Virginie Gautier HIV Molecular Pathogenesis Profile
Dr Blánaid Gavin C&A Psychiatry Profile
Dr Marie-Victorie Gillot-Sestier Physiology Profile
Dr Jeffrey Glennon Translational Neuroscience Profile
Professor Catherine Godson Pharmacology & Molecular Biology Profile
Dr David Gomez Signal Transduction Pathways in Cancer Cells Profile
Professor Andrew Green Medical Genetics Profile
Ms Jennifer Grehan Diagnostic Radiography Profile
Dr Melinda Halasz Pathology Profile
Dr Paula Heaphy Surgery  
Ms Therese Herlihy Ultrasound in Medical Education Profile
Dr Mary Higgins Obstetrics & Gynaecology Profile
Dr Peter Holloway Pathology Profile
Mr Conor Hurson Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Profile
Dr Shahnawaz Jadeja Autoimmune Disease

Professor James Jones Anatomy Profile
Assoc Professor Eoin Kavanagh Neuroradiology Profile
Professor Michael Keane Respiratory Medicine Profile
Mr Malcolm Kell Breast Carcinoma Profile
Dr Brendan Kelly Psychiatry Profile 
Assoc Professor Mairead Kennelly Obstetrics & Gynecology Profile
Professor Boris Kholodenko Systems Biology Profile
Professor Ulla Knaus Immunobiology Profile
Professor Sabine Koelle Anatomy and Developmental Biology Profile
Professor Walter Kolch Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Precision Oncology, Signal Transduction, Proteomics Profile
Dr Aleksandar Krstic Systems Biology Profile
Assoc Professor Lorraine Kyne Geriatric Medicine Profile
Dr Stephen Lalor Pathology Profile
Dr John Lambert Infectious diseases and genitourinary medicine Profile
Dr Irene Lara-Sáez Dermatology  
Professor Carel Le Roux Experimental Pathology Profile
Professor Brendan Loftus Comparative Genomics Profile
Dr Sheila Loughman General Practice Profile
Ms Aine Lunney Radiology

Ms Marion Maher Diagnostic Imaging Profile 
Professor Patrick Mallon Microbial Diseases, Infectious Diseases Profile 
Dr William Martin Internal Medicine Profile 
Ms Kate Matthews Radiography Profile
Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe Obstetrics and Gynaecology Profile
Dr John McCabe Orthopaedic Surgery  
Professor Amanda McCann Translational Oncology Profile
Assoc Professor Cormac McCarthy Respiratory

Dr Geraldine McCarthy Rheumatology  
Dr Geoff McCombe Primary Care Profile
Ms Éilish McDermott Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
Ms Allison McGee Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
Dr Fiona McGillicuddy Cardiovascular Diseases Profile
Dr Cliona McGovern Forensic & Legal Medicine Profile
Professor Paul McLoughlin Physiology Profile
Professor Colin McMahon Cardiovascular Medicine Profile
Dr Ciara McMeel General Practice  
Professor Fiona McNicholas Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Profile
Assoc Professor Jonathan McNulty Clinical Neuroimaging Profile
Dr Anne-Barbara Mongey Rheumatology  
Dr Mary Moran Obstetric & Gynaecology Ultrasound Profile
Assoc Professor Aisling Mulligan Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Profile
Dr Sinead Murphy Paediatrics  
Professor Patrick Murray Clinical Pharmacology Profile
Professor Alistair Nichol Critical Care Medicine Profile
Dr Valerie O'Brien Systemic Pyschotherapy Profile 
Professor Colm O'Brien Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery  
Dr Cathal O'Broin Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine  
Dr Michelle O'Connor Computed Tomography and General Radiography Profile
Dr Barry O'Donnell Psychoanalysis/ Psychotherapy Profile
Professor Yvonne O'Meara Renal Medicine  
Professor Stephen Pennington Proteomics Profile
Dr Mark Pickering Neurobiology Profile
Mr Jaka Potocnik Radiology Profile
Professor Louise Rainford Radiography Profile
Dr Sergio Rey Oncology

Dr Claire Robinson Oncology Profile
Dr Marion Rowland Pediatric Gastrointestinal Diseases Profile
Dr Oleksii Rukhlenko Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems Profile
Dr Marie-Louise Ryan Diagnostic Imaging Profile
Dr Stefano Savinelli Infectious Diseases Profile
Dr John Seery Cell Biology  
Dr Luana Schito Oncology

Prof Kieran Sheahan Histology Profile
Dr Noreen Sheehy Medical Microbiology Profile
Mr Asim Sheikh Medical Law/Medical/Clinical Negligence Profile
Professor Denis Shields Bioinformatics Profile
Dr Ashish Singh Pharmacology Profile
Professor Owen Smith Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Paediatric Haematology Profile 
Assoc Professor Albert Smolenski Physiology Profile
Dr Marie Stanton Sonography Education Profile
Mr Maurice Stokes General Surgery  
Professor Cormac Taylor Cellular Physiology Profile
Ms Edel Thomas Radiography Profile
Dr Stephen Thorpe Mechanobiology

Professor Desmond Tobin Skin and Hair Sciences Profile
Dr Rachel Toomey Diagnostic Imaging Profile
Dr Deborah Wallace Opthalmology Profile
Professor Wenxin Wang Disruptive Gene Therapy Profile
Professor Bill Watson Translational Biology Profile
Professor Gerry Wilson Rheumatology Profile
Professor Kenneth Wolfe Genome Evolution Profile
Dr Vadim Zhernovkov Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Profile 
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