How to Apply

UTMREC-SM Full Reviews

  • Note the submission deadline dates for the monthly review meetings - submit early;
  • Download and complete the current UTMREC-SM Application Form for a full ethics review: UTMREC-SM HR1 Application Form 2023;
  • Download the MANDATORY Support Documents Template: UTMREC-SM HR2 Support Template 2023. This should include some or all of these: 
    • participant information leaflets
    • consent forms, and assent forms (if applicable)
    • interview schedule / questions
    • focus group topic guides
    • questionnaires
    • and any other relevant material that you are presenting to the participant;
  • Please ensure that you have discussed your submission with your supervisor and that they have approved and signed your application;
  • Please email completed forms (HR1) and supporting documents (HR2) to in Word format only.

UTMREC-SM Low-Risk Study Reviews

  • Download and complete the current form: UTMREC-SM HR3 Low Risks Study Form 2023 and submit the form by email to;                                                                               
  • If your low risk study submission is based on your having full ethical approval from a hospital REC then you will need to include a copy of that approval with your submission.

INSURANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH STUDIES: The UTMREC-SM no longer processes insurance. For information on insurance researchers/applicants should refer to the SIRC Office. Every applicant must ensure that the appropriate insurance cover is in place for their research. This can be done via the use of the mandatory self-assessment checklist which can be found at the link above.

Amendments and Extensions to Existing Projects

Please use UTMREC-SM HR4 Amend-Extend Request Form 2023 to apply for amendments or extensions to ongoing projects.