Applying for School of Medicine Programmes

We welcome applications from prospective students of all backgrounds. 

Irish and other EU/EEA applicants apply via the Central Applications Office (CAO). The CAO has published helpful and detailed advice on selection criteria for Medicine programmes at Irish universities including overall miminum Leaving Cert Points and HPAT-Ireland scores here. UCD has published entry requirements and advice for prospective Medicine applicants on the MyUCD website

The HPAT-Ireland (Health Professions Admissions Test-Ireland) is reauired in addition to the Leaving Cert for Medicine programmes and is administered independently by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research). Follow the HPAT-Ireland website for details on the test as well as test registration, preparation advice and upcoming test dates. The first round of registrations closes on 21 January 2022. The HPAT is not required for Radiography or Biomedical Health & Life Sciences at UCD.

UCD School of Medicine has HEAR (Higher Education Access Route) and DARE (Disability Access Route) places available for Undergraduate Entry Medicine, Radiography and Bomedical Health & Life Sciences as listed on the UCD Registry website

Non-EU applicants apply directly via UCD Global and can contact with any admissions queries. 

Irish and other EU applicants can contact Admissions on with questions around entry requirements and the application procedure.

For more information on the School of Medicine and its programmes download the 2022 Undergraduate Prospectus. Page 27 shows the Medicine programme structure and paths to becomming a doctor and further graduate level study.

Associate Professor Suzanne Donnelly gave an overview of the Undergradaute Entry Medicine programme at the November 2021 Open Day. Click the video link below to watch the recording and learn all about Medicine at UCD.

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