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General Questions

Micro-credentials are accredited, short, flexible courses that provide learners with a trusted and quality method of upskilling.

Micro-credentials enable you to develop targeted knowledge and skills, for personal and professional growth, through a quality-assured, university framework.

UCD micro-credentials are for anyone who wants to enhance their skills and knowledge in a specific area, with the confidence that the course they are taking is accredited, quality-assured and developed and delivered to the highest standards in teaching and learning.

UCD micro-credentials are industry-aligned, making them ideal for busy professionals who want to develop their skills and knowledge, but may not have the time for full-time study opportunities.

When you complete a UCD micro-credential you will earn university credit in the form of ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The ECTS framework is globally recognised, helping individuals to move between countries and have their academic qualifications recognised. ECTS allows credits taken at one higher education institution to be counted towards a qualification studied for at another.

Most micro-credentials take place over one 12-week semester, with weekly classes The time it takes to complete micro-credential varies from course to course, and depends on the ECTS credit weighting of the course. Generally, speaking 1 ECTS credit equates to approximately 20 hours of student workload. This workload comprises a mix of class time (usually online), tutorials (usually online), required reading, assignments and self-directed learning.

No, you do not need to submit transcripts when applying for a UCD micro-credential. 

Some UCD micro-credentials can (or may in the future) be stacked into a university award. Please note that learners seeking to stack micro-credentials into an award at a later stage, will need to provide documentary evidence that they meet the relevant entry requirements, for example academic transcripts.

UCD micro-credential courses aim to be as flexible and agile as possible. The majority of courses are delivered entirely or mostly online. Depending on the subject and/or target audience, some micro-credentials may be delivered on campus, in a classroom setting. 

All micro-credential learners will be given access to UCD’s virtual learning environment, Brightspace. There are a range of supports available to help you quickly familiarise yourself with Brightspace and become comfortable using it.

As UCD micro-credentials are credit-bearing, learners will be assessed against the learning outcomes for the course that they take. 

Assessment varies from micro-credential to micro-credential depending on the learning outcomes of each course. Each micro-credential will be carefully designed to ensure that the assessment demonstrates the learner's educational attainment. With this in mind, assessment could range from quizzes to written assignments to work-based projects. 

Whatever the assessment approach, the learning outcomes and assessment details (including submission dates, marking schemes etc.) will be clearly communicated to you at the start of the course. If you have any queries or concerns in relation to the assessments for your micro-credential, you can contact the lead academic for the course.

If the micro-credential you are applying for offers an alumni discount please make sure you use your UCD login details when making your online application. This will allow us to verify your alumni status. If you do not know your UCD login details please contact the UCD Student Desk to retrieve these prior to making your micro-credential application.

UCD is responsible for the academic standards of awards made in its name, and for ensuring that the quality of learning experiences is adequate and appropriate, to enable students to achieve these standards. In order to discharge those responsibilities, the University has a range of systems and procedures for assuring and enhancing the academic standards of awards and the quality of its educational provision , including educational provision delivered via UCD Micro-credentials. These mechanisms include: 
  • Regular Peer Review of Academic and Support Units; 
  • Robust programme approval and curriculum review processes; 
  • Robust approval, monitoring and review of collaborative taught programme arrangements
  • Module evaluation;
  • Extern Examiner Reports;
  • Established procedures for the appointment of staff and a comprehensive range of programmes for their ongoing professional development;
  • Student Representation; e.g. Student/Staff Consultative Committees of equivalent; and membership of cross-institutional committees, such as Academic Council Quality Enhancement Committee; University Programme Board; and UCD Governing Authority; 
  • Systematic student participation and feedback in QA/QE processes;
  • Regular review of QA/QE processes.  
For further information please refer to UCD's  Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement Policy or contact  (opens in a new window)microcredentials@ucd.ie.

New/Current Students

Yes. Current UCD students who want to apply for a micro-credential may do so. Published entry/eligibility requirements and tuition fees for the micro-credential will apply. Students taking a micro-credential in addition to their main UCD programme of study must not exceed the trimester ECTS limits set out in the UCD Academic Regulations.

Students will have a dedicated registration date and time, from which they can register for their micro-credential. This will be sent to their UCD Connect account. Visit UCD's Student Registration page for guides on how to register and to find your dedicated registration date and time; https://www.ucd.ie/students/registration/

The Student Deskcan offer direct assistance to students who are having difficulties with the online registration process.

We've put this guide together to help you access BrightSpace and get started with the platform.

Once a student is pre-enrolled, UCD updates will go to their UCD email account. If you'd prefer for these updates to go to your personal email account, see this guide on how you can update your email settings to receive emails to your personal email account.

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