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Arbitration Law and Procedure

Patrick Flynn, Judicial Assistant to the Court of Appeal at Courts Service

"The micro-credential in Arbitration Law & Procedure has afforded me with a gateway to Alternative Dispute Resolution that both will assist me in my future endeavours to enter into legal practice, as a Barrister-at-Law Degree student, and helps me to develop a more holistic approach in dealing with disputes and legal problems. The ability to learn about the practice of domestic arbitration through this course as well as its accreditation with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators opens a door for me to put my learning into future practice. It has also increased my appetite in Alternative Dispute Resolution through encouraging and offering me insight into engaging in a Mediation course which I am taking currently. I am immensely grateful for having taken up this micro-credential to help me broaden and prepare my legal skills for an ever-changing and modernising legal system where Alternative Dispute Resolutions becomes ever more commonplace and no longer a mere alternative to litigation but very much a feature of the Irish legal framework."

Rory Lavelle, Surveyor, Lavelle Commercial Property

"From a Property point of view I would highly recommend this course for anyone involved in Arbitration work or interested in getting involved. Either as an Arbitrator or an Expert Witness."

Bryan Molloy, Property Surveyor

"I found the micro credential in arbitration to be an excellent way of gaining a solid foundation and deeper understanding into the procedures, legal frameworks and relevant Acts which underpin the relevant case law in the arbitration process. Lectures are held on line and in class and also recorded which is a great tool for revision or if you are unable to attend any lectures. I have developed a better technical understanding of arbitration as a dispute mechanism and the key components involved in the process generally."

Fours Courts building in Dublin.

Irish Law and Legal Procedure

Siobhan Mac Sweeney, Head of Research

"Highly recommend UCD micro-credentials to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge in a field of interest via flexible learning that fits into a busy life. I chose Irish Law and Legal Studies as it was primarily a topic of interest and the learning offered very relevant transferrable knowledge and skills to my current role. It has given me an appetite for more and I will definitely be continuing on this journey." 

Paul Murray, Director

"I decided to complete the micro credentials course Irish Law and Legal Procedure to increase my knowledge of contract law in particular. I found the lectures to be concise and very informative. While I aimed to attend all in person, it was good to be able to catch up with online recordings in the event of missing a week. I enjoyed the programme and would recommend it to others. I feel that the content and my learning will definitely benefit me in my role."


United Nations Human Rights Law

Naomi Feely, Senior Research Officer, Children's Rights Alliance

"The United Nations Human Rights Practice module provided an excellent overview of the various human rights procedures operated by the UN. As a non-law graduate, I found the course material extremely accessible and there was ample opportunity to discuss these readings at the weekly seminar. This course will be in-valuable to professionals who are working primarily on national social policy issues and who want to understand how the UN human rights regime can offer another lever to achieve change in domestic and international arenas. I would highly recommend taking this course."