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Four new micro-credentials from the UCD Sutherland School of Law

Four new micro-credentials from the UCD Sutherland School of Law

Four new micro-credentials are being offered by the UCD Sutherland School of Law this September, 2022.

UCD Sutherland School of Law

The UCD Sutherland School of Law has launched four new micro-credentials for September 2022 enrolment. Since its establishment in 1911, the UCD Sutherland School of Law has delivered high quality programmes to develop their students’ critical understanding of law and their legal skills. The School works closely with law firms, government departments, and NGOs to ensure that programmes are aligned to sectoral needs. 

The four new law micro-credentials are highly flexible and run part-time, allowing learners to upskill in key areas, while balancing other responsibilities or their work schedule.

Foundations of Environmental Law

The Foundations of Environmental Law micro-credential is led by Dr. Andrew Jackson and runs online. Learners can expect to conduct an in-depth examination of the foundations of environmental law and policy, both in Europe and internationally, with a strong emphasis on environmental law in practice. Learn more.

Natural Resources Law

The Natural Resources Law micro-credential is taught entirely online by leading environmental law expert, Dr. Andrew Jackson. Learners will develop their knowledge of a wide range of topics, including; Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Law, Air Law, Water Law, Industrial Licensing Law, Waste Law, Impact Assessment Law, and environmental law aspects of forestry, agriculture, and aquaculture. Learn more.

Law of the European Convention on Human Rights

Law of the European Convention on Human Rights micro-credential is led by Associate Professor Marie Luce Paris. This micro-credential is available to learners face-to-face and online. Learners will explore the European Convention of Human Rights' (ECHR) incorporation into domestic law, individual complaint procedures as operated by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), interpretations of the ECtHR, and a critical evaluation of the ECtHR’s jurisprudence. Learn more.

Marine Environmental and Conservation Law

The Marine Environmental and Conservation Law micro-credential is taught online and led by Associate Professor Richard Collins. Learners will gain in depth knowledge of the critical laws, regimes, and frameworks within international and European levels that regulate both the conservation of marine life and marine environmental protection. Learn more.

The application deadline for the above law micro-credentials is the 12th of September, 2022. All four micro-credentials are also taught as modules on UCD Sutherland School of Law’s Masters programmes, including the MSc Environmental & Climate Law programme and the LLM European Law & Public Affairs, meaning learners can take them as a standalone course, but also have the opportunity to stack them towards the MSc. 

New Law micro-credentials will be launched for January 2023 enrolments. If you’d like to keep on top of all course launches, sign up to the UCD Micro-credentials newsletter.

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