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Green Tech Skillnet Funding: New Electricity Grid Operation Micro-credential

Green Tech Skillnet Funding: New Electricity Grid Operation Micro-credential

Green Tech Skillnet is a leading force in supporting Ireland's renewable energy and green technology sector by fostering skill development and industry growth. Through their commitment to nurturing talent and innovation, they've joined forces with University College Dublin and the UCD Energy Institute to fund 40% of the course fee for the Electricity Grid Operation micro-credential.

The Micro-credential

The Electricity Grid Operation micro-credential delves into the fundamental aspects of electrical power system operation, control, and energy economics. By combining online lectures, interactive tutorials, and hands-on lab demonstrations at UCD Energy Institute’s Integrated Energy Lab, students gain both theoretical and practical experience in power system operations.

In addition to its technical focus, this micro-credential also explores the broader scope of power systems within society. It encourages participants to understand the upcoming challenges that power systems will encounter, highlighting the intricate interplay between energy infrastructure and societal dynamics.

Upon completion, participants emerge with a comprehensive grasp of power systems intricacies. They acquire the practical skills and theoretical insights needed to excel in the ever-evolving realm of electrical power.

Green Tech Skillnet Funding

Green Tech Skillnet will fund 40% of the Electricity Grid Operation course fee for eligible learners providing a valuable chance to invest in their future.

Other Funding Options

The university is also pleased to offer UCD graduates a 20% discount on tuition fees for the Electricity Grid Operations micro-credential and to organisations who plan to send three or more employees to partake in the course.

To learn more about the course and to check your eligibility for the above offers, visit the Electricity Grid Operations course page today.