Thrombosis Ireland

 Thrombosis Ireland

Project Title: Improving Awareness of Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT)

Research Outline

Thrombosis Ireland's focus is on the possibility of developing a blood clot. This condition is known as cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT). People with cancer have a higher than average risk of developing a venous clot. Blood clots are the second most common cause of preventable death in cancer patients after infection. 1 in 5 cancer patients will get a blood clot yet this condition remains under-reported, seldom discussed and often misdiagnosed.

Blood clots typically make themselves known and can often be stopped before they become life-threatening. Still, to protect yourself, you must be aware of the risk, the signs to look for and understand the need to act fast to get treatment.

Thrombosis Ireland is a registered charity set up by patients in 2016 to help raise awareness, support patients, and to provide information and education about all aspects of blood clots whilse advocating for better diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare.

We want to ensure that all cancer patients are informed about their CAT risk, know the signs to watch for, and understand the importance of getting medical attention quickly if they suspect a blood clot.