2018 Space Science Poster Session

UCD Space Science and Technology masters students presented their summer research project work at a poster session on 31st August 2018. We were delighted to see all the good work that the students have been involved in over the summer. We were thrilled that 5 of 7 students on industry internships were offered full-time employment. One student continues her six-month placement in the European Space Agency. 9 more students presented academic research projects, of which 2 were offered PhD positions. We wish them all every success in their future careers, and we look forward to meeting the new MSc class in September!

Undergraduate Summer Intern Poster Competition 2018

UCD School of Physics held its annual Undergraduate Summer Internship Poster Competition 26th July 2018. Each year the School hosts undergraduate interns from institutions in Ireland and abroad, with twelve students completing the programme this year. Internship topics ranged from experimental to theoretical, across numerous research groups. Additionally, some students’ projects were designed to enhance lab-based experiments taken by our undergraduate students throughout the academic year.

VERITAS supplies critical piece to neutrino discovery puzzle

The VERITAS collaboration, including UCD School of Physics members Assoc. Prof.
John Quinn and Ph.D. student Ste O'Brien, has confirmed the detection of very-high-
energy gamma-ray emission from the vicinity of a supermassive black hole,
observations prompted by the detection of a spatially coincident high-energy
neutrino event by the IceCube collaboration. This black hole is potentially the first
known astrophysical source of high-energy cosmic neutrinos, a type of ghostly
subatomic particle, and the observations represent a breakthrough in multi-
messenger astrophysics.

Astronomers See Distant Eruption as Black Hole Destroys Star

For the first time, an international team of astronomers including Dr. Morgan Fraser from the School of Physics at University College Dublin, have directly imaged the formation and expansion of a fast-moving jet of material ejected when the powerful gravity of a supermassive black hole ripped apart a star that wandered too close to the cosmic monster. The new findings have been published in a paper in the prestigious international journal Science, led by Prof. Seppo Mattila of the University of Turku in Finland and Dr. Miguel Pérez-Torres from the Institudo de Astrofisica de Andalucia in Spain.

UCD theoretical physicist Dr Andrew Mitchell publishes research in journal 'Science'

New research on quantum nanoelectronics has been published today in the journal 'Science'. Results of state-of-the-art experiments carried out in Paris confirm theoretical predictions by Dr Andrew Mitchell here in UCD School of Physics, and demonstrate how exotic quantum mechanical effects can be exploited for super-ballistic transport.

Prof. Brian Rodriguez and Associate Prof. Sheila McBreen of UCD School of Physics win prestigious SFI grants

Science Foundation Ireland has awarded substantial funding to both Prof. Brian Rodriguez and Associate Prof. Sheila McBreen of UCD School of Physics through Career Development Awards. Only 22 such grants were made nationally across the sciences.

UCD School of Physics team leads €8M EU Horizon 2020 project

UCD Theoretical Physicist Prof. Lobaskin and his team will lead an €8M EU Horizon 2020 project on the mechanisms of toxicity of nanomaterials, involving 11 partners from 8 EU countries.

Letter from Stephen Hawking

A lost letter from Stephen Hawking has been unearthed in the UCD Physics archives. The letter is part of correspondence between Hawking and UCD Professor of Physics Neil Porter in 1977, and pertains to early research on primordial black holes.

UCD theoretical physicist Dr Andrew Mitchell wins prestigious IRC Laureate award

The Irish Research Council's new "Laureate" programme supports frontier basic research, pushing boundaries at the cutting edge of knowledge. Only 36 of these prestigious awards were made across all disciplines nationwide, including Dr Andrew Mitchell from UCD School of Physics for his research on quantum nanoelectronics. New PhD and Postdoc positions in the group will be advertised shortly.

Theoretical Physics project presentations

17 UCD Theoretical Physics undergraduates presented their 4th-year research projects this week. Well done to all on some fantastic work!

Assistant Professor / Lecturer position in UCD Physics advertised

A permanent faculty position in UCD School of Physics at the level of Assistant Professor / Lecturer is being advertised. Apply Now!

New Results on the Dynamics of Carbon Nanotubes

Dominic’s “Plasmonics and Ultrafast Nano-Optics Group” has published exciting results regarding the dynamic recovery of Carbon Nanotubes found via time-dependent Raman spectroscopy.

Stage 4 Student attends 'Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK (CUWiP)'

Blog from Athina Lange, Theoretical Physics student with UCD Physics