With high levels of research funding, and the recent construction and refurbishment of over 26,000 square metres of research and undergraduate teaching space in the College of Science, the future is very bright for the School of Physics, which consistently excels in the impact of its research. Currently the impact of our research, as measured using bibliometrics, is 1.7 times the global average. The School is the only Physics school on the Island of Ireland in the top 200 Physics Schools world wide according to the 2015 Shanghai rankings. We are currently drafting a new strategy, in the context of the UCD Strategy to 2020, with emphasis on Fundmental Physics and Physics in Health and Medicine.

Our graduates are found in employment and further study around the globe, and we seek to recruit students from 5 continents. I invite you to explore our website and contact us if you need further information, and you are always welcome to come and visit the school. A member of the academic staff will be delighted to discuss the options open to you.

Martin Grünewald is Professor of Experimental Physics and Head of the UCD School of Physics.