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Stage Transfer Assessments
Date & Time Thursday 22nd February, 2pm
Speakers and Topics 

Eoin Fagan: Spectroscopy of Mid &High Z Ions From  Soft X-Ray  to NIR for Kilonova Analysis Using Novel Laser Plasma Schemes 

Emmanuel Bogacz: Theory and Simulation of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Neuromorphic Computing

Caimin McKenna: Development and mission analysis for a constellation of CubeSat based Compton polarimeters for gamma-ray burst polarimetry

Location  Beech Hill C2.27
Date & Time Tuesday 27th February, 2pm
Speakers and Topics 

Laura Cotter: Revealing Gamma-Ray Burst  Properties Through Their Associated Supernova Emission

Joe Fisher: Using the Athena High Energy Space Observatory to Investigate the Missing Baryon Content

Location   Beech Hill B100
Date & Time Wednesday 28th February, 2pm
Speakers and Topics 

Olena Yedelkina: A biophysical  Study of the interactions of ionic liquids with biomolecules and cells

Aaron Empey: Constraining The Chemistry And Physics Of Protoplanetary Disks Within Earth-Like Orbits

Location   Beech Hill C2.27
Date & Time Thursday 29th February, 2pm
Speaker and Topic 

Aishwarya Chanady Babu: Second Harmonic Imaging of Collagen Fibrils in Ophthalmic Tissues

Location   Beech Hill C2.27


Speaker  Dr. Pamela Sooriyan
Time Thursday 14th March, 2pm
Location   Beech Hill B106
Maximal intrinsic randomness of a quantum system

One of the most counterintuitive aspects of quantum theory is its claim that there is intrinsic randomness in the physical world. Arising from the phenomenon of superposition, this randomness guarantees that the outcomes of a well-chosen measurement on a pure quantum system cannot be predicted by even the most powerful eavesdropper. On a foundational level, this non-predictability distinguishes quantum objects from their classical, everyday counterparts; on the practical side, intrinsic randomness has been exploited in the design of quantum random number generators. In this talk, I will discuss some common measures, or entropies, that are used to quantify intrinsic randomness. I will then share some recent work in which we solved for the maximal randomness of any quantum system (including noisy ones) according to each of these quantifiers, as well as the measurements used to extract it.

Speaker  Fionnuala Curran
Time Thursday 28th March, 2pm
Location   Beech Hill B106

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