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Archive of previous seminars:


Date Speaker Title
November Dr. Anne Matthies Simulated Cooling on Quantum Computers
November Dr. Matteo Carlesso Space experiments to test the foundations of quantum theory
November Conor McGrath [PhD Defence] Search for dark matter in dwarf spheroidal galaxies with VERITAS
November Prof. Massimo Vassalli Fluidic Force Microscopy to study Cellular Mechanosensing
November Dr. Elizabeth Hays Innovations to unlock the high-energy gamma-ray sky
November Rachel Dunwoody [PhD Defence] System-Level Qualification, Characterisation and Operation of a Cerium Bromide Gamma-ray Burst Detector on the EIRSAT-1 CubeSat
October Nicolas Wong [PhD Defence] Photoionization studies from laser-produced plasmas  to synchrotron radiation
October Robert Byrne [PhD Defence] Massive Stellar Endpoints
October Luke McConnell [PhD Defence] Measurement of the Central Exclusive Production of the ρ0 meson with the LHCb Experiment
September Ahmed Thuwayb Alanazi [PhD Defence] Advanced Nanomaterial Composites for Enhanced Photocatalysis and Sensing
September Eoin O'Connor [PhD Defence] Characterisation and optimality of open quantum system dynamics
September Serena O’Keefe [PhD Defence] Optimisation of hypo fractionation in radiation therapy
June Jonas Rigo [PhD Defence] Models and methods for complex quantum nanostructures
May Henry Legg Topological superconductivity in topological insulator and Ge devices
May Pamela Sooriyan Diversity in Physics
April R. Jason Jones Frequency Comb Spectroscopy from the MIR to the VUV
April Andrew Mitchell Analogue quantum computation with nanoelectronic circuits
March Xiongfei Bai [PhD Defence] A study of low-dimensional laser-produced plasmas through modelling and experimentation
March Emrullah Kargin [PhD Defence] Probing electrostatic and electrochemical processes at the solid-liquid interface with electrochemical force microscopy (EcFM)
March Nick Brereton Lessons from Microbiome Exploration within Space Science
February Maeve Doyle [PhD Defence] On-Board Software Development & Mission Testing for the EIRSAT-1 Satellite and Prospects for Future Astrophysics Missions
February Abolfazl Bayat Quantum many-body probes  


Date Speaker Title
December Richard Woolf High-Energy Space Environment Research at NRL
November Joseph Mangan [PhD Defence] Hardware and Embedded Firmware Development of a Gamma-Ray Burst Detector for a 2U CubeSat
November Hans-Joachim Galla Cooperativity determines membrane protein function: ABC transporters and annexin
November Alessandro Podesta’ The interaction of room-temperature ionic liquids with cells and model biomembranes. An atomic force microscopy study
November  Hossam Ibrahim [PhD Defence] The development of a spheroid-based migration assay on tissue-specific extracellular matrix
November Dr. Pallavi Kumari Correlative nano-mechanics of plant cell wall and polymer
September  Eleni Diamanti Secure Communication in a Quantum World
September  Maria Moutzouri [PhD Defence] Study of emission from the bow shocks of runaway massive stars at radio frequencies
August  Sean Brennan [PhD Defence] Observational constraints on Supernovae and Supernova Impostors 
August  Silas O'Toole [PhD Defence] PEAR: A super-resolution imaging technique through active plasmonics 
August  Jason Howard [PhD Defence] Development of a soft X-ray light source for soft X-ray tomography and photoelectron spectroscopy
August  Pablo Poggi A dynamical perspective on the reliability of NISQ-era quantum simulators 
July  Takanori Miyazaki [PhD Defence] Spectroscopy of multiply charged fifth row ions from plasma sources 
July  Antonio Faraone Quasi-elastic neutron scattering on soft condensed matter. Recent results on polymer nanocomposites 
July  Emma Minarelli [PhD Defence] Quantum transport in interacting nanodevices: From quantum dots to single-molecule transistors 
June  Agata Fularz [PhD Defence] Design of dielectric-based platforms for Raman and fluorescence-based chemical detection 
June  Christina Kiel Ras-effector networks in (patho)physiological contexts 
June  Ioan Andricioaei Computer Simulations of the Interaction of Ions, DNA and Dendrimers with Protein Pores: Examples and Theoretical Models 
June  Brajesh Narayan [PhD Defence] Long-time methods for MD simulations: Markov State Models and Milestoning 
June  Patrick Wong [PhD Defence] Interactions and Topology in Quantum Matter. Auxiliary Field Approach & Generalized SSH Models 
June  Visakh V S Pillai [PhD Defence] A biophysical study of the effect of ionic liquids on single proteins and amyloids 
May  Michael Campbell  Hybrid pixel detectors 
April  Rhaana Starling  The X-ray flaring behaviour of gamma-ray bursts 
April  Peter Duffy  Particle acceleration in the shear flows of astrophysical jets 
April  Elgiva White  [PhD Defence] Spectroscopic Investigations of the Physics of High-Z Laser-Produced Plasmas 
April  Naomi Raab  [PhD Defence] Exclusive production of J/ψ and Φ mesons at the LHCb experiment 
March  Krissia Zawadzki  DFT-inspired approximations for work and entropy: an analysis of driven Hubbard chains 
March  Jessica Erkal  [PhD Defence] Investigating Jets and their Role in Star Formation 
March  Baris Cakmak  Synchronisation in quantum systems 
February Emma Callis  [PhD Defence] Observations of Circumstellar Interaction in Diverse CCSNe 

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