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Sept 29th 2022: Public Lecture by Dr. Eleni Diamanti

C-QuEST was pleased to host Dr. Eleni Diamanti who delivered the talk: "Secure Communication in a Quantum World" at 7pm (IST) on Thursday 29th September 2022.


Dr. Eleni Diamanti is a CNRS research director at the LIP6 laboratory of Sorbonne University in Paris. She is a internatioanlly renowned expert on experimental quantum cryptography and communication, and on the development of photonic resources for quantum networks. No prior physics knowledge is necessary, simply join in and listen as Eleni shows you the remarkable scientific and technological breakthroughs that are driving the second quantum revolution.

September 2022: Early Career Networking @ UCD

C-QuEST organised a research showcase and networking event for early career researchers in Ireland on Sept 29th and 30th 2022.

Funded by an IRC New Foundations grant awarded through the Shared Island Initiative, this event will bring together the growing pool of early career researchers active in Ireland to discuss their current research. In addition it will give the opportunity to connect with leading industries with a stake in quantum information and technology.

May 30th and 31st 2022: Eire strategy for quantum information and technology workshop @ UCD

C-QuEST hosted the EQUITY workshop, funded via the IRC New Foundations program. 

The workshop will bring together principle investigators, industry stakeholders, and funders, to discuss quantum technologies in Ireland. It is funded by an IRC New Foundations grant awarded through the Shared Island Initiative. Over two days, the aim is to get a clear picture of where Ireland is at currently (research strengths and recent achievements) and to discuss where the community is going, exploring how to leverage our collective expertise to develop an "All-island" approach to maximise impact.

August 26th 2021: Public Lecture by Prof. Klaus Mølmer

C-QuEST had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Klaus Mølmer who delivered the talk: "Quantum physics and quantum technologies" at 7pm (IST) on Thursday 26th August.

If you missed the talk you can catch it here

Prof. Mølmer is a leading expert in both fundamental and applied quantum physics. He is a skilled speaker having delivered more than a hundred public lectures on the topic over his distiniguised 30 year career. No prior physics knowledge is needed, simply join in and Klaus will take you on a journey from fundamental physics right through the exciting new possibilities of the coming (second) quantum revolution!

24th - 27th August 2021: COCONUTS2021 Workshop

C-QuEST is pleased to annouce the workshop "Coherent control for next generation quantum technologies" will take place between August 24th - 27th via Zoom webinar. Funded in part by the National University of Ireland Early Career Award, this workshop will bring together leading international experts together with the young researchers based in Ireland to explore the state-of-the-art in control of complex quantum systems. 

(opens in a new window)Click here for more information including the list of invited speakers / program at the conference webpage.

July 15th 2021: Colloquium by Dr. Chiara Marletto

C-QuEST is pleased to host Dr. Chiara Marletto from University of Oxford who will deliver the Colloquium: "Witnesses of non-classicality beyond quantum theory"

Dr. Marletto is a research fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford. She is an expert in the foundations of quantum mechanics; her work includes proposing novel tests of quantum gravity and she is a leading advocate for constructor theory, about which she recently authored the book "The science of can and can't: A Physicist’s Journey Through the Land of Counterfactuals". It promises to be a stimulating talk and we hope you can join.

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