Episode 21 - The Second Act

Feargal Hynes, Executive Director of the Druid Theatre

Feargal Hynes, executive director of the Druid Theatre in Galway and UCD Quinn School alumnus, talks about how live performance is reinventing itself for the pandemic era.


Episode 20 - Balancing the Mission with the Margin in Healthcare

Professor Gerardine Doyle | Leadership, Accounting and Taxation

Director of UCD Smurfit School and Professor of Accounting and Taxation Gerardine Doyle discusses the intersection of business, leadership and healthcare and how it can help us work through the defining challenges of our generation and rethink our future. 


Episode 19 - Billion Dollar Molecules

Professor Jan Rosier, Business and Biotechnology

The pandemic has put a focus on drug development as an exciting career area, but finding and funding vaccine work can be arduous and frustrating. Business of Biotechnology Professor Jan Rosier discusses pharma’s pivotal role in the fight against COVID-19 and the industry’s future development.


Episode 18 - Leadership in Sport: Learnings for Business

Join UCD Business alumni and top athletes Johnny Sexton (Leinster & Irish Rugby), Cliona Crammond (All-American Soccer & UCD Soccer), and Brian Fenton and Cian O’Sullivan (Dublin Senior Football Team, GAA) as they discuss how leadership, teamwork and resilience skills are helping them to stay focussed through the pandemic. They’ll offer top tips on how you can keep your short- and long-term goals on track for life after lockdown. Interviewed by BBC’s Match of the Day sports commentator, Conor McNamara.


Episode 17 - Healthcare as a Market

Professor Susi Geiger, Marketing

An expert in collaborative market innovation in healthcare markets, Professor Susi Geiger discusses how digital health and better drug pricing policies can save our most important sector.


Episode 16 - Retail Therapy

Professor Damien McLoughlin, Marketing

A leader in business strategy, Professor Damien McLoughlin reveals how valuing staff and not fearing Amazon are keys to the retail industry's future.


Episode 15 - A question of attitude: Becoming culturally intelligent

Dr Linda Yang, Intercultural Development

Dr Linda Yang, UCD College of Business Intercultural Development and Support Officer, talks about Dublin as a hub for international students, learning to adapt overseas and unique welcomes from Dublin taxi drivers.


Episode 14 - Flight disruption

Aengus Kelly, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of AerCap

Aengus Kelly, CEO of the world's largest aircraft leasing company AerCap and UCD Business alumnus, talks about crisis management, ambition and how to protect Ireland's foreign investment cluster.


Episode 13 - Irish businesses showing resilience through Covid-19

Eugene O'Callaghan, Director of the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF)

UCD Business alumni and ISIF Director Eugene O'Callaghan discusses Ireland's €2bn fund to stabilise the economy and how firms have proven to be resilient so far through the pandemic.


Episode 12 - Letter from America

Shaun T. Kelly, Chair, UCD Smurfit School North American Advisory Board

UCD Business alumni and recently retired Global Chief Operating Officer of KPMG International, Shaun T. Kelly, discusses how the U.S. is battling the COVID-19 economic crisis and ways to keep the US-Ireland relationship healthy.



Episode 11 - Will COVID-19 end air travel as we know it?

Patrick Blaney, Aircraft Leasing & Finance

The COVID-19 pandemic is a 'once in a century' type of event for aviation, but even this crisis won't change people's innate desire to travel says Patrick Blaney, Chairman Aircraft Leasing & Finance at UCD College of Business.


Episode 10 - Bank to the Rescue

Andrew McDowell, VP of the European Investment Bank

VP of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and UCD Business Alumnus Andrew McDowell discusses how Europe can help alleviate the COVID-19 economic fallout and how the bank moved away from funding fossil fuel projects.


Episode 9 - The Politics of the Mask

Assistant Professor Julie Schiro, Marketing

Dr Julie Schiro, Assistant Professor of Marketing, on why wearing a facemask has become so politically charged and socially challenging. Her new study explores mask-wearing behaviour and how people weigh up threats to physical health versus social acceptance. 


Episode 8 - The World of Work: How the COVID-19 crisis will change where we work, when we work, and how we work

Associate Professor Maeve Houlihan, Management

Dr Maeve Houlihan, Associate Professor of Management and Director of UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business, discusses the life-altering trends set to impact the workplace. 


Episode 7 - Crisis Strategy: Yesterday’s logic has no use for tomorrow

Professor Pat Gibbons, Management

Professor of Management and Academic Director at UCD Smurfit Executive Development Pat Gibbons delves into devising strategies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and warns of a bumpy road ahead for Ireland, Inc. 

Episode 6 - Lessons Learned: How SARS helped Asia face Covid-19

Dr Markus Vanharanta, Marketing

Dr Markus Vanharanta, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Overseas Academic Programme Director in Hong Kong, discusses face masks, second waves and lessons for Europe.



Episode 5 - Selling Ireland in a Pandemic:

How safety and reputation will be Ireland's 'calling card' in the COVID-19 aftermath

Tara McCarthy, CEO of Bord Bia

Political protectionism, Bloom Festival and excess food—Bord Bia’s CEO Tara McCarthy talks about Ireland’s emergence onto international markets when the crisis abates.


Episode 4 - Supply Chain Shock: How the pandemic could help save our future

Professor Donna Marshall, Supply Chain Management

Donna Marshall, Professor of Supply Chain Management and Vice-Principal For Research and Innovation at UCD College of Business, digs into the complex worlds of supply chains and why traditional values of relationship management, knowing your suppliers and building a good reputation can help the world prepare for future shocks.

Episode 3 - A World Transformed: Marketing Strategies in the Age of a Pandemic

Professor Mary Lambkin-Coyle, Marketing

Mary Lambkin-Coyle, Professor of Marketing and author of the influential Consumer Market Monitor, discusses how the marketing world has changed overnight and how companies can mitigate challenges and pitfalls. 


Episode 2 - Why Being Short Term No Longer Works in Business

Professor Andreas Hoepner, Operational Risk

Professor Andreas Hoepner discusses why thinking long term is the crucial lesson in a pandemic age.

He explains why we should put ourselves on an environmental 'diet', and why it helps to have a doctor as a leader in a healthcare crisis.

Episode 1 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: COVID-19 financial impact

Professor Niamh Brennan, Corporate Governance

Ireland's leading expert on corporate governance Professor Niamh Brennan discusses the financial fall out of the COVID-19 crisis.

From controversial dividend payments to admiration of Ireland's crisis response, listen to the full episode below.


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