UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business offers a progressive and engaging study environment with a strong emphasis on independent thought. The learning-focused set-up embodies our commitment to providing the most up-to-date facilities available to our students. Our students are high achievers when they enter the school and competent motivated graduates when they leave. We invest heavily in continuous innovation in what we teach and how we teach, with a strong emphasis on personal development.

Classrooms and Teaching Facilities

Our teaching facilities have been built with student engagement in mind. Our small theatre-style classrooms facilitate student-lecturer interaction. While some of our classes are in large shared theatres, the majority of lectures are conducted in groups of 50-120, with tutorials of up to 30 people. This gives you the opportunity to participate fully in classroom debate.

Our study areas and breakout rooms promote teamwork and group learning, allll of which are critical for a career in business.

This type of learning also contributes to classes who get to know each other early to build connections and make friends in college.

UCD Moore Centre for Business

The start of the 2019/2020 academic year saw the launch of the UCD Moore Centre for Business—a new world-class facility energising the Belfield campus with the latest teaching technologies and innovative working spaces for business learning.

Integrating fully with the UCD Quinn School across all three levels, this exciting new wing delivers agile spaces to meet evolving business needs in a flexible learning environment that will expand the student experience.   

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Quinn Data Analytics Lab

The Quinn Analytics Lab hosts Bloomberg financial data terminals providing access to the premier professional tools used in financial, investment, treasury, business research and data analytics industries. UCD Quinn School students have full access to the facility with training and support services available.

Course Assessment

A student-centred environment has been established, with a focus on critical thinking and independent thought. Our assessment is built around the complementary understanding of theory and practice. Students must work on a wide range of methods, including:

  • Essay Writing
  • Business Reporting
  • Group Assignments
  • Video Reports
  • Wikis and Blogs
  • Exams/ Quizzes
  • Presentations
  • Debates
  • Case Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Financial Reporting


Other Services and Facilities

Our Presentation Studios have the latest audio visual technology to train and practice your presentation skills. You can record and replay your pitches and presentations for your group work or interviews. It develops a set of communication skills highly valued by employers and is a great way of improving your educational experience.

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Our Collaborative Workspace is a purpose-built room designed to promote and facilitate working in teams. Group work, presentations, case studies and projects are key parts of your education at this school and the Collaborative Workspace is a dedicated area which will help you to master these.

At the school the use of technology is not just about preparing you for the business world, but is also a marvellous learning and communication tool, allowing you to interact freely with the school and your fellow students, both on and off campus.

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