What access routes are available?

UCD offers a range of access routes which can lead to progression to linked degrees:

UCD Access and Lifelong Learning (ALL)

UCD Access and Lifelong Learning (ALL) is a leader in the field of lifelong learning and in supporting mature students in their preparation for university and two options are available for students wishing to return to study:

  • University Access Courses
    Access courses are one year, part-time, courses designed to prepare adults who may not have formal qualifications for successful study at university. These are Special Purpose Awards (Level 6) which equip mature students with the skills and confidence required to take the next step to selected degree courses at UCD.

  • Open Learning Open Learning is a flexible way to study part time in UCD. Open Learners who successfully complete 30 credits (6 modules) will be awarded an NFQ Level 7 Certificate in Open Learning and can progress to a number of degree programmes

In both cases, a number of places are reserved for applicants progressing from these routes. Where there are more qualified applicants than places available, applicants will be ranked based on final GPA.


Students with appropriate QQI FET qualifications, including required modules, can be admitted on a competitive basis to the first year of the following degree programmes in UCD:

  • DN120 Landscape Architecture             
  • DN200 Science
  • DN201 Computer Science
  • DN240 Sustainability
  • DN250 Agricultural Science
  • DN261 Food Science
  • DN310 Veterinary Nursing
  • DN450 General Nursing
  • DN451 Integrated Children's and General Nursing
  • DN452 Midwifery
  • DN453 Mental Health Nursing
  • DN520 Arts
  • DN530 Humanities
  • DN541 Modern Languages
  • DN600 Law
  • DN610 Business and Law
  • DN650 Commerce
  • DN700 Social Sciences
  • DN710 Economics
  • DN720 Psychology
  • DN750 Social Policy and Sociology

Please consult the UCD QQI FET web pages prior to making an application. In order to be considered applicants must present the appropriate award with a minimum of Distinction in 5 modules.

Other UCD Progression Routes

Other UCD progression routes are also available through various UCD Certificate and Diploma courses.

Where can I find out more?

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