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Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management

This section will provide you with a link to our Curriculum Management System (CMS), along with an overview of what information can be recorded in the CMS, when this information can be edited and what access is needed to do this. We also have a list of helpful reports below that will help you with curriculum management.

What is the Curriculum Management System?

The Curriculum Management System (CMS) provides a means for faculty and staff in Schools and Colleges to record and amend information associated with majors/programmes and module descriptors during specified timelines.

There are different levels of access that can be granted to the CMS, as outlined in the Curriculum Management Access & Reporting section below.

Curriculum information in the CMS is published for students on UCD Course Search. Information recorded in the CMS is important for all stages of the student cycle, including registration, assessment & remediation, and completion of studies.

What tasks can be completed on CMS?

CMS Guides, Checklists & Video Guides

CMS guides, checklists and video guides are available in our Guides & FAQs page.

The Curriculum Management System timelines are specified timeframes when School/College staff and Module Coordinators can make changes to  major/programme and module descriptor information. Timelines are published on the Curriculum website early in the calendar year. The Curriculum Team communicates these timelines to School/College staff ahead of the CMS opening for edits for the upcoming academic year and reminders ahead of each closing date are also circulated.

2024/25 Academic Year

If you are a School/College Administrator with School/College level access or a Programme Director, please refer to the Major & Module List Mgmt Edit Timelines 2024/25.

If you are a Module Coordinator, please refer to the Module Descriptor Edit Timelines 2024/25

Curriculum Management Reporting

There are a number of useful reports available on the Curriculum, Module Capacity & Timetables menu in InfoHub that will provide major/programme and module descriptor information for your school. Please refer to our Curriculum Management Reports Checklist for a comprehensive list and direct links to these reports.

Curriculum Management System (CMS) Access

The Curriculum Management Access Roles Report provides details of the services that give access to the Curriculum Management System, as well as details of individuals in your School who currently have access. There are different levels of access to the CMS and these are outlined below.

If you have any issues with access to the Curriculum Management System, please contact your Curriculum College Liaison or(opens in a new window) curriculum@ucd.ie.

Levels of CMS Access

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