SBI Hosts Ireland's First EMBO Leadership Workshop

Written by: Will Fitzmaurice
Written on: Monday, 21 November, 2016

One of the most significant transitions in a researcher's career is the move from team membership to team leadership, with a host of new and challenging skills requiring development. To facilitate this journey, SBI was delighted to co-organise a three-day 'Art of Leadership' workshop with UCD HR Learning & Development and in conjunction with the European Molecular Biology Organization(EMBO).

The workshop introduced key leadership concepts including (i) developing a individual leadership style; (ii) learning key communication skills; (iii) reflecting on leadership experiences; and (iv) expanding the support network for scientific and leadership issues in the lab.

The workshop was expertly led by leadership sculptor CJ Fitzsimons who aims to help people sculpt their own leadership by helping them recognise the contours of their leadership profile and equipping them with the tools necessary to allow it to emerge. CJ defines leadership as "the art of maintaining a dynamic balance between influencing others, by word and deed, to reach common goals and ensuring their development and wellbeing" - we look forward to seeing the workshop participants continue to forge their leadership styles in their careers both in UCD and further afield.