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To submit communications or queries regarding a complaint, appeal or conduct matter please use the email addresses below: 

Team Contacts

Lynn Foster

Student Engagement Manager and Manager of SECCA 

Email: (opens in a new window)lynn.foster@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 7136

Sharon Clinton

Student Case Administrator

Email: (opens in a new window)sharon.clinton@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 7131 

Niall Dennehy 

Project Manager 

Email: (opens in a new window)niall.dennehy@ucd.ie

Tel: +353 (01) 716 1487

Dr Aoife Duignan

Student Complaints and Engagement Officer

Email: (opens in a new window)aoife.duignan@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 7135

Una Hegarty

Assessment Appeals and Engagement Officer 

Email: (opens in a new window)una.hegarty@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 7132

Agnieszka Legutko

Student Case Administrator 

Email: (opens in a new window)agnieszka.legutko@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 7133

Emer O'Brien

Student Case Administrator  

Email:(opens in a new window) emer.obrien@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 7068

Ewa Szczupak

Student Conduct and Engagement Officer

Email: (opens in a new window)ewa.szczupak@ucd.ie 

Tel: +353 (01) 716 1487