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About Us

About us (Inside)

UCD aims to provide an excellent experience for all students but we acknowledge that sometimes difficulties can arise. The University is committed to addressing concerns raised through policies and procedures relating to student conduct, complaints and appeals. 

For the processes under our remit we provide:

  • student case handling services;
  • advice and guidance to students and staff on related policies and procedures;
  • support the Academic Council Committee on Student Complaints and Appeals (ACCSAC) and the Academic Council Committee on Student Conduct and Capacity (ACCSCC) in the delivery of its annual work programme. 

Our team also supports the Dean of Students in the delivery of a variety of student engagement and enhancement initiatives.


Our mission is to:

  • apply our procedures in a fair, transparent and compassionate manner, placing students at the centre of our processes;
  • ensure that students and staff who engage with our procedures are fully informed about the process and the supports available to them;
  • share learning and knowledge across the university to foster a culture of continuous enhancement of the student experience.


In fulfilling our mission, we are guided by the University’s values of excellence, creativity, integrity collegiality, engagement and diversity.