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AC Committee on Student Conduct and Capacity

The Academic Council Committee on Student Conduct and Capacity (ACCSCC) provides oversight of the management and operational processes relating to student discipline, fitness to practice and continuation.

Committee Support: Ms. Agnieszka Legutko, Student Engagement, Conduct, Complaints and Appeals Office(opens in a new window)agnieszka.legutko@ucd.ie

ACCSCC Meeting Schedule 2023/2024

Submission Deadline  Meeting Date
Wed, 27 September 2023
Wed, 18 October 2023, 2pm
Wed, 17 January 2024
Wed, 7 February 2024, 2pm
Wed, 21 February 2024
Wed, 13 March 2024, 2pm
Wed, 3 April 2024
Wed, 24 April 2024, 2pm

The ACCSCC shall:

1. Maintain oversight of student discipline, capacity to study and fitness to practise policies and processes.

2. Make recommendations to the Registrar and the Academic Council in relation to any issues or opportunities for enhancement identified arising from the monitoring and review of student disciplinary, capacity to study fitness to practise policies and processes.

3. Monitor the processes under its remit to ensure they are operated in an efficient and timely manner.

4. Receive reports from Schools and committees established to hear student cases.

5. Establish such and so many sub-committees as necessary to effectively execute its function.

6. Review and approve the proposed new Student Fitness to Practise statements and revisions to the existing statements, and maintain a Register of Programmes subject to Student Fitness to Practise Policy. 

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