About the Governance Document Library  

UCD governs its operations through a hierarchy of instruments. The Governance Document Library is an access point to the official versions of all university governance and management documents including Statutes, Regulations, Policies and other key documents applicable to the University.

Documents in the Library apply to the entire University. For questions about a specific document please contact the office listed on the relevant web page.


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Documents in the Library can be accessed by


All documents should be submitted to the Document Library via Infohub. Instructions on how to submit a document can be found below:

Please consider the following criteria before submission:

  • All documents in the Document Library are public and available on an external website.
  • All policies must be submitted in the format outlined in the standard policy template  to ensure consistency across all university policy documents.
  • All submissions must specify the details required in the online submission form.

The document owner will:

  • Ensure that the most recent and approved version of the document is published in the Document Library.
  • Make available all related documents, forms and templates.

The content of the Document Library is managed by the University Secretariat. University Secretariat will:

  • Manage, develop and update the UCD Governance Document Library website and communicate any major changes and updates to document owners.
  • Publish approved documents in the library in a timely manner.
  • Review the Document Management Protocol outlined on this page periodically.