Dignity & Respect at UCD

University College Dublin is committed to the promotion of an environment for work and study which upholds the dignity and respect of all members of the UCD community and which supports your right to study and/or work in an environment which is free of any form of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment and sexual violence).  ‌

There are a number of supports in place if you are experiencing bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct and you are strongly encouraged to come forward to seek confidential support and guidance on the range of informal options and formal options for resolving issues as appropriate. Reports of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct can also be made anonymously through UCD’s Report and Support tool.

UCD is actively promoting a culture where bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct is not tolerated, where everyone is respected and feels valued, included and that they belong in UCD.  

New Dignity & Respect website (1 September 2021)

Launched on 1 September, a dedicated Dignity and Respect website has been established which provides a central hub to bring together information on the supports available if you are experiencing issues of a bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct available. It also provides guidance on how you can raise concerns and the options for resolving issues of a dignity and respect nature. You will find information on the Bullying and Harassment policy and Sexual Misconduct Policy, the processes for raising and addressing concerns, how to make a formal complaint and the support and training available.

Learn more about the review process which led to the new website.

UCD Report and Support Tool

Students, staff and visitors to UCD can now report issues of a Dignity & Respect nature anonymously through the UCD Report and Support tool. This is an important new initiative which provides the opportunity for members of the University community and others to make the University aware of incidents of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment that have been experienced or witnessed, without the need to identify oneself or disclose sensitive and personal details.

Read more about the Report and Support tool here: Report and Support Tool

Dignity & Respect Contact Persons

The Panel of Dignity and Respect Contact Persons are fully trained faculty and staff members of the University who are appointed on a voluntary basis by the President under the Dignity and Respect Policy. This panel is available to both employees and students. It should be noted that students should approach their Student Adviser in the first instance. The members of the panel are from across the University. To ensure impartiality, those getting in touch with a Contact Person from the panel should pick someone not known to them.

You can view the Code of Practice here: Code of Practice for Dignity & Respect Contact Persons

To find out more about the role and meet the current panel please click on this link: Dignity & Respect Contact Persons.