Dignity & Respect at UCD

University College Dublin is committed to the promotion of an environment for work and study which upholds the dignity and respect of the individual and which supports every individual’s right to study and/or work in an environment which is free of any form of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment.  ‌

There are a number of supports in place for employees and students experiencing bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment, and there are a range of informal options for resolving issues as appropriate. Formal complaints can also be made using this form

UCD is actively promoting a culture of zero tolerance to sexual violence and sexual harassment for all members of our University community. The webpage on Ending Sexual Violence provides information on the actions that have been undertaken and are ongoing to achieve this.  

Reports of bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment can also be made anonymously through UCD’s Report and Support tool which was launched in January 2020. See below for more information. 

Statistical data relating to the anonymous reports made through the Report and Support tool can be found here: UCD Report and Support Tool 

Dignity & Respect During Covid-19

The UCD Dignity and Respect policy and procedures, including supports and informal and formal options for resolution, remain available to you during this Covid 19 period. Due to the restrictions as a result of Covid 19, supports and processes will take place remotely through a combination of e-mail and video conferencing such as Zoom. We will endeavour to adhere to timelines as per our procedures but please be aware that there may be delays due to the current situation.

Please refer to this document for an outline of the informal and formal stages that will continue to apply during this period: Dignity & Respect Covid19

UCD Dignity & Respect Policy

This Dignity & Respect policy sets out the framework for dealing with complaints of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment. It includes information for dealing with complaints informally as well as information on the formal procedure.  It also contains information on the supports available for staff and students.

The Policy is currently being reviewed by a Working Group established in 2019 to enhance the existing policy and procedures. Find out more about the review and how to participate in the consultation process.

UCD Report and Support Tool

Students, staff and visitors to UCD can now report issues of a Dignity & Respect nature anonymously through the UCD Report and Support tool. This is an important new initiative which provides the opportunity for members of the University community and others to make the University aware of incidents of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment that have been experienced or witnessed, without the need to identify oneself or disclose sensitive and personal details.

Read more about the Report and Support tool here: Report and Support Tool

Dignity & Respect Contact Persons

The Panel of Dignity and Respect Contact Persons are fully trained faculty and staff members of the University who are appointed on a voluntary basis by the President under the Dignity and Respect Policy. This panel is available to both employees and students. It should be noted that students should approach their Student Adviser in the first instance. The members of the panel are from across the University. To ensure impartiality, those getting in touch with a Contact Person from the panel should pick someone not known to them.

You can view the Code of Practice here: Code of Practice for Dignity & Respect Contact Persons

To find out more about the role and meet the current panel please click on this link: Dignity & Respect Contact Persons.

Mediation at UCD

Mediation is a framework for resolving conflict in an informal manner which is impartial and objective, and aims to resolve conflict at the earliest opportunity. Learn more about Mediation (alternative dispute resolution) at UCD.

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