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Page Updated: 19th July 2022

The UMT and Governing Authority have both endorsed the Dignity and Respect Review Report demonstrating their commitment to building a culture in UCD where bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct (including sexual violence and sexual assault) are not tolerated. This Report is the result of researching good practice nationally and internationally alongside significant consultation and feedback from  members of the University Community (made available to all employees, students, Heads of School/Unit, individuals who previously experienced D&R issues, EDI groups, the trade unions, internal academic experts and others) and external experts (Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, National Women’s Council National Advisory Committee, Mens Aid,  an independent external investigator and external legal advice).

The Report sets our recommendations under nine main themes; two new policies (Bullying & Harassment, Sexual Misconduct); a revised formal procedure and support and guidance documents.  These new policies will be the first of their kind in the sector and the University will keep them under constant review.  UMT has decided that the new policies will come into effect in September 2021 and this will also allow time for some of the key recommendations to be implemented during the summer period.  Given the scale and depth of recommendations, implementation will begin immediately and will continue beyond the September go live date for the new policies. These policies and supporting framework will establish a positive culture of dignity and respect on our campus in which issues which do arise are dealt with in an open, supportive, fair and transparent manner.

Take a look at the new Dignity & Respect website which brings together information on the supports available if you are experiencing issues of a bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct

To view the Dignity and Respect (D&R) Review Report please click below:

Following a period of consultation last Autumn , the Dignity and Respect Review Group invited UCD employees and students to read the draft Dignity and Respect Review report and to provide their final feedback on the draft documentation.

The draft report detailed the entire review process from the commencement of the review, including feedback from the consultation process and the revised draft policies, formal procedures and supporting documents as well as recommendations regarding the implementation of a broader support framework for Dignity and Respect in UCD. The Draft Dignity and Respect Review Report was made up of 8 Chapters as follows: :

  • Chapter 1: Introduction & Executive Summary of Key Recommendations
  • Chapter 2: Dignity and Respect Review
  • Chapter 3: Consultation Process and Feedback
  • Chapter 4: Recommendations
  • Chapter 5: Dignity and Respect Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Chapter 6: Dignity and Respect Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Chapter 7: Dignity and Respect Supports
  • Chapter 8: Formal Complaints Procedure and Draft Process Maps

Significant consultation took place internally and externally last Autumn in relation to the draft policies, procedures and supporting documentation as outlined below. There was a great deal of engagement from all areas of the University community, from both employees and students.

Internal Consultation

  • 11 externally facilitated Focus Groups with employees, students, ELG, GA and internal contributors in this area
  • Over 50 written submissions
  • Trade unions
  • A number of individual meetings

External Consultation

  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
  • Men’s Aid
  • National Women’s Council
  • External Investigator with experience of Dignity and Respect complaints
  • External Legal Experts 

Feedback from the consultation process was collated and reviewed and key themes identified as follows:

  • Culture
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Support/Roles
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Power Dynamics
  • Language
  • Legal & Technical context
  • Definitions
  • Timeline

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