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Disability Supports in UCD

Page Updated: 27th July 2022

This page brings together a broad range of topics, projects and services from around UCD under the heading of 'disability'. Here you'll find a broad definition of disability, information on making reasonable accommodation, mentoring programmes, training and more.

What do we mean by disability?

Within Irish Equality Legislation, disability is broadly defined to include people with physical, intellectual, sensory, learning and/or cognitive emotional disabilities and a range of medical conditions. It's important to note that disabilities can be visible or invisible.

Invisible Disabilities

'Invisible disability' is an umbrella term that is used to capture a whole range of disabilities which might not be immediately obvious to onlookers.  These disabilities can be neurological, related to mental health or physical in nature. Examples include epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, acquired brain injuries, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, mental health conditions, autism, learning disabilities or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). 

If you have an invisible disability and would like to request an assessment for a reasonable accommodation, please review the information on the Resaonable Accommodation page.

UCD Supporting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

This policy provides support for managers and employees to support the employment of persons with disabilities. 

View the policy

Accessing Reasonable Accommodations

UCD is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming working environment for all our employees and for those applying for jobs at UCD.  The university seeks to create a workplace which provides the necessary support for employees to reach their full potential.

Please review the information on the Resaonable Accomodation page

Willing Able Mentoring Programme (WAM) in UCD 

As part of UCD’s commitment to inclusion, UCD will participate in the Willing, Able, Mentoring (WAM) programme. This programme supports graduates with disabilities in obtaining mentored, paid work placements. This partnership brings graduates with disabilities and WAM’s network of employers together so that both can benefit and learn from each other.

Learn more on our Mentoring webpage.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education eLearning

The "Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education" eLearning course on UCD LearnUpon includes a section in disability (Module 4, Section 2.) The course is a fundamental introduction to EDI in a University context, and this section includes key information and facts on disability, reasonable accommodaiton and how to support colleagues. Find out more about this eLearning course and how to complete it in our EDI Learning section.  

Deaf Awareness Training

The aim of Deaf Awareness Training is to promote knowledge and understanding about the Deaf community and to break down barriers between These videos have been developed by Citizens Information in association with the Irish Deaf Society.

Learn more and watch the videos on the Deaf Awareness Training webpage.

Staff Assistive Technology Support

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning in collaboration with UCD IT Services have established an IT Accessibility Pilot Project, to explore ways of creating awareness of Assistive Technology for staff in UCD and how it can assist UCD staff in their work.

Visit the Access & Lifelong Learning website and learn about the technologies that can help you create engaging and accessible content.

Campus Accessibility

Campus Accessibility is about the creation of a campus that can be used by everybody, irrespective of ability or disability. The Campus Accessibility Officer oversees action plans to incorporate accessibility to buildings and services in line with best practice in universal access and design. Please click here for further information: https://www.ucd.ie/all/ourwork/university/universityforall/campusaccessibility/

Staff Disability Network

A Staff Disability Network has been established with the aim of bringing together staff with disabilities and those with an interest in disabilities, in a relaxed and confidential forum. The network will also act as a source of peer support in the workplace and promote disability equality and inclusion for staff through consultation on the University’s plans, strategies and policies.

Please refer to the following website for further information: http://www.ucd.ie/staffdisabilitynetwork/

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning - disability and accessibility

What is Assistive Technology and how it can assist UCD staff in their work? This video and many more can be found on the Access & Lifelong Learning website.

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