Mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in UCD

University College Dublin is committed to the promotion of an environment which fosters mutual respect and understanding between individuals and its constituent communities.

Mediation is a framework for resolving conflict in an informal manner which is impartial and objective, and aims to resolve conflict at the earliest opportunity.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that allows two or more disputing parties to resolve their conflict in a mutually agreeable way with the help of a neutral third party, a mediator. 

Examples of such disputes include:

  • Interpersonal differences, conflicts, and difficulties in working together
  • Breakdown in a working relationship

Mediation can be used at any stage in a dispute but is often most effective if used early on in the dispute. The mediator does not tell the parties what to do but rather acts as a facilitator to the process.

The following principles apply to the mediation process:

  • Mediation is a confidential process.
  • The mediator is impartial and does not take sides.
  • It is solution focused - the object of the exercise is to reach a workable and mutually agreeable solution to the conflict or issue of difference.
  • It is a voluntary process - all parties have the right to withdraw at any time.
  • Mediation is not a form of adjudication, arbitration or conciliation.
  • Attending mediation does not preclude any other form of dispute resolution.

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