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Page Updated: 8 May 2024

A Bereavement Support Group for UCD employees will be run on the 22nd and 29th of May, 5th and 12th of June at 4pm in the chaplaincy hub. The support group is intended for colleagues who would like to learn new and supportive ways to reclaim moments of contentment and happiness while honouring those whom they have lost.  

The intention is that support groups can help the bereaved constructively manage the pain of grief, as they provide unique opportunities to both be heard and to bear witness to another's experience that are not often possible during individual counselling. Groups can lessen a sense of isolation that often accompanies grief.

The Bereavement Support Group is modelled on the Taos Institute Program where participants work together as a support for one another with the theme of the group being "Breathing Life into Stories of the Dead".  

This is a non-faith group setting. It is open to colleagues of all faiths and none.  The methodology used does not conform to any faith structure and any input on faith comes from the participants alone.

The  group is modelled on a similar group for students established by UCD’s Student Counselling and Chaplaincy.  The support group will meet in-person over 4 consecutive weeks.

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